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Is Your Hair Ready For New Years? Faculty Gets 50% off Antonio Prieto Salon!

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Christmas may be over but at Antonio Prieto Salon the giving isn’t! Until May 2010 they are giving a 50% discount to all school faculty members! Simply present your id, print the offer below, and mention and you will get half off your first service, and 15% thereafter! With New Year’s Eve just days away, what could be more perfect?

Hair Holiday Promo

Cookbooks to Crush on this Holiday Season

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I tend to lust over cookbooks (both new and old) all year long, but get particularly engrossed around the holiday season and find myself pouring through recipes and gorgeously rich photos for a little cold-weather inspiration and holiday warmth. Here are a few cookbooks on my list this year, and maybe on yours as well.

cocoCOCO (Oct. 2009)- Chic design and colorful cover aside, Coco (published by design-heavy Phaidon) is a compilation of recipes from 100 up and coming contemporary chefs — all of whom were nominated by 10 culinary masters including Mario Batali and Alice Waters. I’ve only yet flipped through Coco’s pages (it’s still on my wish list this holiday season), but from what I’ve seen, it’s quite an impressive publication with interesting recipes galore.

Salt to Taste (Oct. 2009) – Marco Canora, owner of Hearthand Terroir restaurants and wine bar in Manhattan, brings rustic, flavorful and market-driven Italian dishes to this book. Recipes are approachable and easy-going…you’ll want to head directly into the kitchen and cook up fresh fare like Roasted Salmon with Red Peppers, Veal and Ricotta Meatballs, Pasta e Fagioli, Fava Bean and Pecorino Salad, and Braised Duck with Olives and Rosemary. I love Canora’s personal headnotes citing family traditions and cooking tips. One of my favorite parts of the book however, is the quote on the back: “Food — buy it with thought; cook it with care; serve just enough; save what will keep; eat what would spoil; home-grown is best.”

Jamie at Home (Oct. 2008) — It might be among last year’s hottest cookbooks, but this is still one of my favorites from acclaimed celebrity chef and Food Network star, Jamie Oliver and is definitely worth a good mention. Recipes are seasonally-inspired and are organized by spring/summer/fall/winter sections. Ridiculously gorgeous, mouth-watering photos and equally tasty recipes, Jamie’s continued focus is on balance, fresh produce, making the most of the season and filling dishes with tons of flavor. You’ll find recipes like Grilled lamb kofta kebabs with pistachios and spicy salad wrap, Warm strawberries with Pimm’s and vanilla ice cream, and Superb squash soup with Parmesan croutons. And if you weren’t already aware, Jamie is taking his fight on obesity and healthier eating habits from across the Atlantic, putting America’s “diet” on a diet. Check out a 6-part video series and recipes from his American travels here. Jamie’s newest book,Jamie’s America (Sept. 2009) is currently out on shelves.
And a few other newbie cookbooks to note:
David Chang’s expressive (read: expletives everywhere) and intricate Momofuku (Chang now owns 4 restaurants in NYC — who doesn’t love Ssam Bar’s pork buns and Noodle Bar’s classic ramen)?
Food Network nutritionist (and one of my friends and colleagues) Ellie Krieger’s new So Easy, full of healthy, super flavorful recipes and nutrition info.
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What if Success is Measured by Happiness?

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happy girlHow do you determine success? I assume we overwhelmingly qualify it in terms of income or materialistic value as I have never heard someone define another’s success by their happiness –a component I believe to be the fundamental element of success.

I have met many wildly financially “successful” men and women whom seem to have everything in life except the most important thing….happiness.  Let me quickly reject the notion that I think abundant wealth is a trade-off of any sort for happiness—on the contrary. I think financial success can alleviate a lot of burden and give people the opportunity of self-fulfillment through helping others.  What saddens me is when someone sacrifices happiness for financial gains or a title that they think will intrinsically satisfy them.

When I wake up in the morning I am excited to start my day almost like a child who leaps out of bed simply to play all day. My exuberance and wonder for what the day has in store for me makes me grateful for the decisions I have made and the course my life has taken.

I am saddened when I do not see people enjoying what they do and only doing it because they feel they have no choice, or believe that’s how people will perceive them to be successful.  They do not realize that happiness is a pillar of true success.

To be happy or passionate about who you are and what you’re doing can be the fuel and clarity to not only achieve but surpass your goals.  If financial wealth and social status are meant to come, they will find you.  They will come as you discover your true passions and, instead of being that of empty ambition, they will enhance your life while allowing you to experience the fulfillment that comes from doing what you love and from helping others in need.

So, if success is measured by happiness….do you consider yourself successful?

Why Not…

  • Why not evaluate what you’re doing in your life.  Are you feeding your happiness or your ego and society’s expectations?


groover book

Jen Groover’s new book “What If & Why Not? How to Transform Your Fears Into Action and Start the Business of Your Dreams” can now be ordered online at

Holiday Wellness Discount –

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Saudeval is making giving the gift of wellness even easier this holiday season. Gift packages are now discounted by 10-15%  with mention of the below offer and

Saudeval offers a combination of fitness training, healthy cooking lessons, and massage to help you achieve equilibrium and sense of total health and wellness.  And because comfort is always a “de-stressing”  factor, they will come to your home on a schedule that is convenient for you (or, of course, the person the gift is for!)

For more information go to


What’s On Your Gym Playlist? This Month’s Top Ten

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holiday playlist

This month we will all need a little more energy and motivation to get through the holidays! So, we’ve compiled a list of hot tunes that are guaranteed to get you moving ! This month’s playlist is GRREEAAAaattttt, Guaranteed to add an energy boost to any sweat session. Just click here and download! Wwoooorrrkkkkkkkkkkk :)
1. Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart, Alicia Keys– DOWNLOAD this song… You won’t regret it. Awesome.
2.  Morning After Dark – Timbaland
3.  Do you Remember – Jay Sean
4.  According to You – Orianthi
5.  Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
6.  Give It Up to Me – Shakira
7.  Livin’ It Up – Shwayze
8.  Whatcha Say (Klubjumpers Remix Radio) – Jason Derulo
9. Yes – LMFAO – This song ROCKS!!!
10. TiK ToK – Ke$ha


PURE Yoga Stretches West (Upper West Location Opens!)

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pure yoga

If yoga is where your heart is, you now have one more option on the Upper West Side. Today, Pure Yoga opens the doors of it’s Upper West Side location. A sister location to the Upper East Side Studio, both siblings offer yoga classes that will soothe your soul and bring your practice to a higher level. 

The hustle of Manhattan’s Upper West Side stops at Pure Yoga’s doorstep. Upon entering Pure, shoes are not permitted in the inner studio environment, which is arranged in a sequence of interconnected courtyards and lounges. Each courtyard functions as a communal gathering space for the studios, while comfortable lounges provide the opportunity for a moment of reflection, a hot cup of tea, or a conversation with a new friend.

A variety of classes are offered for both beginners and advanced yogis, in styles ranging from Ashtanga to Yin Yoga, from Hot to Vinyasa Flow, Anusara and more. Pure harmonizes several yoga practices to produce a consciousness-raising experience dedicated to well being. This holistic approach provides a motivational foundation and sanctuary for yogis of
all backgrounds in an effort to promote a temperate internal balance. 

If you have never experienced PURE yoga, you are in for a treat. The studios are beautiful and serene, instructors top-notch, and the additional amenities make the total experience purely perfect.  PURE Yoga offers classes at a per class price, or an annual membership. For more information or class schedules head to their




“This is yoga in its purest state. No hype… simply pure yoga.”

Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Lauren Luke (& The Power of YouTube) *VIDEO*

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lauren luke sephora

Who’s Lauren Luke? Well, if you have not yet heard of this entrepreneur/make-up maven, you must watch the video below. Lauren has become a phenomenon in the makeup and social media worlds, grabbing followers and fame thanks to Youtube. She started out doing make-up application tutorials on the video hosting site, and her passion for the art (and her millions of views) had make-up mega store Sephora knocking on her door (or hitting her up on Facebook or Twitter…who knows).

Lauren Luke’s new line of makeup “By Lauren Luke” is popping up in Sephora stores across the nation. We caught up with her for her premiere launch right here in NYC. The ever endearing Lauren shared her story, showed me her beautiful make-up kits, and talked about her rise to fame and what the future holds for her.

If you have trouble viewing the video below, please see it on YouTube by clicking here.

20% off Spa Services! Limited Time!!

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Spa week discount


For a limited time, Spa Week is offering its $100 Gift Cards for only $80.
That’s right, it’s not a misprint. From now thru December 22nd, spread some
joy while saving money. What could be better than the Gift of Wellness?
How about the Gift of Wellness on SALE!!

Nothing can help you relax during the Holidays better than a soothing massage
or an invigorating facial.


Need A Gift? Go Local!

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It’s that time of year again, and one of our favorite community centers is holding a Holiday Gift Fair.  Head over to the Sixth Street Community Center this Saturday Dec. 19th for food, fun, and holiday finds for everyone. 


6th st Gift Fair

Why Do Men Become Players?

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Perhaps NYC dating has you thinking that many men are just players! But why?? Maybe it’s because there are just too many options for them here in the big city, or, who knows, perhaps they just haven’t met their match.  Today Tamsen and Matt give their take on why men become players.


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