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10 Signs He’s the Cheatin’ Kind

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Tiger Woods came to the podium today to speak out about his down and dirty cheating ways. In light of that we’ve decided to repost an article on signs that your guys might be the “cheatin’ kind!”


You want to trust those beautiful baby blue eyes, but something keeps nagging at you. He was late coming home from work all week long, he didn’t answer any calls on Friday and on Saturday he was “feeling too sick to hang out.” Is your boy scared to commit or is the cheatin’ kind?

1. Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Bad

This is a classic sign of cheating. It may sound weird, but if you man is TOO attentive, showers you with love, affection and especially gifts, he may be the cheating kinds. This is not to say that every attentive man is seeing someone behind your back, but if his affection is out of the ordinary, over the top and all consuming, you may want to keep an extra eye on him

2. New Music, New Cologne, New Attitude

If you man is suddenly rocking out to Seal, wearing a new scent and is all of a sudden the life of the party (when he was once Mr. Shy Guy) he may be straying. Often times, men take on new behavior or the likes of the person they are trying to impress and striving to be with.

3. He Accuses You

This is one of those classis signs of cheating: he accuses you of straying. This happens because he is over riden with guilt and is projecting his feelings onto you.

4. His Phone Is Off Or Off Limits

If you do not have access to your mate’s phone or he turns it off or is very private and jumpy when rings, he most likely has something to hide. A man with no “strange on the side” is not worried about whose calling.

5. He Likes To Fight

This is again due to guilt and the fact he is trying to give himself an excuse for his bad behavior. He is fighting with you so he can justify the fact he is seeing someone else, telling himself, “I am not happy in my relationship, she picks on me, therefore it’s okay to get attention elsewhere.”

6. I Don’t Want Your Sex

Your sex life comes to a screeching halt. If you can’t remember the last time you had sex, it’s a pretty good indication that he is getting it somewhere else.

7. New Friends Could Be Your Enemy

All of a sudden your mate starts talking a lot about a “new friend at work” someone he met “at the gym” or a “neighbor who is nice.” This is not a one time mention but a person he constantly refers to in conversation.

8. He Is Unreliable

He comes home late from works, leaves early for the gym and doesn’t always answer his phone. Inconsistences like these can make for a bad bed partners and are another sign he may be seeing someone else.

9. He Protects Friends Who Cheat

You are the company you keep rings true in this case.  If you man protects his friends who cheat by lying for them and helping them with cover stories, chases are they are doing the same for him.

10.  Gut Check

No, you are not being paranoid, sometimes you just know. If you feel it in your gut, it could very well be your man is straying from home. Don’t dismiss the smell of perfume on his jacket, the mysterious phone calls to your home or the sudden late hours at the office.


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