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The Success-Centered Mindset : Entrepreneurial Hot Tip

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Instead of asking “What kind of business do I want to start?” the real question should be “Who do I want to become?” Entrepreneurs change the world by changing themselves first. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that on their journey they spent more time working on increasing their inner strengths and finding ways to overcome their fears to bring bold ideas to light than they did working on balance sheets and fine-tuning marketing plans.

The most important skill sets for an entrepreneur, which affect everything else, are those associated with learning how to control how you think.  Often fears and negative thoughts hold us back from achieving our goals but if you can train yourself to see the world in terms of possibilities instead of obstacles and impossibilities and learn how to hit the “mental reset” button when negative thoughts creep in, it gives you an edge and accelerates your growth.

Through my own evolution of personal growth I have discovered strategies that I suggest to increase your abilities to quickly overcome obstacles and your fears that will increase the pace of achieving your goals.

1) Always ask “What if? & Why Not?
These are two of my favorite “mental reset” questions. Sadly, as a society, we are more conditioned to tell people why something won’t work versus why it would.  We’re also conditioned to give reasons of why someone’s dream will never become a reality instead of seeing how great it will be when it does and supporting that journey to get there more quickly.

As someone who constantly tries to innovate I come up against this almost daily in my life.  Before, I used to let it affect me.  I would allow self-doubt to set in and even abandon my ideas. Often in meetings I would defend my ideas until I realized in doing that it only would antagonize others to defend the opposition of my ideas, until one day, I changed my strategy.  When the person across the table told me my idea wouldn’t work, I looked at him and asked inquisitively, “What if it does?” “And what if it changes the entire industry and you had a chance to be a part of it and said “NO”, how would you feel?” The dynamics of the entire meeting changed and the power came back to me. I realized at that moment that asking these “possibility” questions challenged others to see from a different perspective; it opened their eyes to other possibilities.

As I reflected on this, I realized that often it is our own fears and objections that stop us from sharing our ideas with the world around us.  Training our brains to constantly think in terms of possibilities and then in turn teach others to do the same is one of the greatest skills you can build to lead you to success.

2) Have more fear of regret than you have of failure
Fear of failure is natural and it often increases as we get older.  I believe once we become sensitive to peer pressure, that’s really when it perpetuates in our life.  Think back to those red check marks on your papers in school and how that made you feel.  Think about how many times you didn’t do something that you really wanted to because you were afraid to fail and potentially be made fun of or let others down. I am sure each and every one of us can think of many of those moments–I know I can.

I was always coming up with new ideas and wouldn’t follow through with them for fear of not knowing what to do and failing.  Over and over again I would see the same ideas I had come to light through other people.  I realized that the feeling of regret I got every time I saw that happen had to be worse than if I had tried and failed. At least then I would have gained some amazing experiences along the way.

Every time you let fear stop you from achieving a goal, think about how the feeling of regret would feel and let that be a measure of your passion toward the project you want to pursue. Develop a healthy relationship with fear and let it be your fuel for success, not regret.

3) Do not judge, be inspired
Inspiration is the seed to passion and innovation. In judging things, we limit how we see them.  We are conditioned to judge: right or wrong, black or white, and so on. But if we condition ourselves to observe the world around us, trying to be inspired by what we are observing, more opportunities unfold around us at a more rapid pace.  We start to see things as what they can be, rather than what they are.

Truly successful people are constantly in a state of inspiration. The passion that comes from this always gives more power and desire to push through fears and obstacles; not letting anything stand in the way of seeing their dreams become reality. The next time you see someone doing something that would normally say in a judgmental tone, “Why are they doing that?”, think about approaching it from intrigue and say, “I wonder why they are doing it that way?” and let your imagination begin the process to inspiration

Success comes from a success-centered mindset. Do not get caught up on all of the “technical” things you may not know to accomplish your goals; you can learn those things quickly from others.  Focus your energy instead on your own self-transformation that gives you the inner-strength to look at any obstacle and say, “There’s not a problem that can’t be solved and nothing to stop me from achieving my goals!”

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