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Summer Streets: Bike, Dumpster Swim, & More On Park Avenue!

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Ok kids, this is how I roll. Literally. Last weekend I threw on my rollerblades and hit Park Avenue (along with hundreds and hundreds of other New Yorkers.) If you have never taken advantage of Summer Streets you must get out and give it a shot. It is really an surreal experience. The DOT closes down Park Avenue to all vehicular traffic and lets bikers, rollerbladers, and exercise enthusiasts of all types rule the road!

I decided to pull out my Blackberry and take a video so that I could take you all along for the ride. Excuse the amateur shooter (aka me) and abrupt ending (I got a call!) :)

Saturday Aug 7 was the first day of Summer Streets, but tomorrow the fun continues (In my haste in the video making, I give the wrong future dates–warning do not roll, record and try and relay information at the same time).



For complete information on Summer Streets check out

Join Joy Ride
Joy Ride is a a group bike ride set to music. All the world’s a stage and you are on a bike to watch it. Motion, music and mingling will transform the way you see the city. Its as easy as…well, it’s as easy as riding a bike.

Joyride is a musical group bike ride and picnic created by theatre artist, Liz Sherman with a soundtrack designed by Grammy-award nominee Duncan Bridgeman.

At it’s heart Joyride is about the freedom we feel riding a bike, the deep ways that music affects us and the power of that shared experience. Joyride takes place on August 7th, 14th, & 21st.
The ride begins each of the three Saturdays at 11:00 am at Foley Square, follows the Summer Streets route and ends with a picnic in Central Park.

Participants must ride with speakers or use only one ear bud as required by law.

Space is limited so sign up today at

Swim at Summer Streets
Summer Streets lets you re-imagine the way we use our City streets. MacroSea has done the same for the humble dumpster. They have taken clean, unused shipping containers and transformed them into code-compliant swimming pools, complete with their own life guards and pool decks! The pools were an underground sensation in Brooklyn last year. MacroSea is now excited to share them with all New Yorkers as part of Summer Streets. The pools will be set up near the Grand Central viaduct and free entry bracelets will be handed out for time slots on a first come, first served basis.

FringeNYC brings Theater to Summer Streets
The New York International Fringe Festival will bring FringeJR and FringeNYTEASERS to the Soho rest area all three Saturdays. FringeJR will feature family-friendly theater shorts as well as interactive theater-based activities for kids. FringeNYTEASERS are like movie trailers — but for plays. Enjoy samples of the plays being presented as part of the theater festival by over 200 theater companies from New York City and around the world.

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