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Fall Trends: 5 Must Haves for 2010

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Fall is truly one of the best seasons… for clothes! It’s the season of freedom and spontaneity where you can feel a little more open to play. Top off an outfit with a big wooly sweater, stock up on a multitude of scarves, and pull your favorite pair of boots out of the closet because keeping it fresh, fun and spur-of-the-moment is what fall is all about.

A few trends to watch out for in these upcoming crisp and cool months are:

1. Tall Boots

Boots are a staple in any New Yorker’s closet because they never ever go out of style. What’s different this season though is the height of the boots with some reaching up all the way up to the thigh. Tall boots are great because they work on any woman and they can make your legs look miles longer than they actually are (bonus!). If thigh high boots aren’t your thing, try a pair to the knee for some added sexiness. There is nothing quite like a good pair of boots to take you from jeans to dressy in no time!

2.   Ponchos & Capes

This seems to be the season of comfort because ponchos and capes are the new “it” items for outerwear. Talk about easy and breezy – these oversized cover-ups are made to go over just about any kind of outfit. Find one in black that’s a bit more tailored for office wear and bring out a funky printed poncho for a night out with the girls. If you’re a little sick of your peacoat from last season, give one of these a try for a look that is sure to turn some heads!

3. Velvet

Velvet has been revived for this season! Whether it’s a black sleek jacket or a dark and romantic dress, this fabulous fabric is here to make you feel sexy again. Every designer from DKNY to Alexander Wang is putting this sensual textile to use in everything from dresses to jackets to pants and handbags. Not only is it something we haven’t seen for a while, its versatility and playfulness will make you want to add something velvet to your wardrobe everyday simply due to the fact that it feels amazing!

4. Camel

Still feeling like you don’t want to delve into the really dark stuff quite yet? Not to worry, all things nude and neutral are all the rage this season! For a change from white, designers everywhere are giving all things camel a try. Get out your classic trench from spring or try out a tan colored leather jacket for something new and exciting. From sweaters to tees to even fancy party dresses, it’s the color to try this season for a night out on the town!

5. Big Pants

Okay, what’s more comfy than a pair of pants you can actually move around in? For this season (although we still adore our skinnies and jeggings) the wider the leg, the better! For all you denim lovers, feel free to dig out your bell bottoms from a few years back or even try this look at work with a wide leg pair of sophisticated dress pants. If you’re not completely sold on this idea, try them with a blazer or fitted sweater to help you ease into this style. Remember that trends supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to make this look your own.

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