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Rachel Zoe… Prego? What She Needs To Know!

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In case you haven’t noticed, pregnancy is en vogue! So many hip women are gracing the city streets strutting their sleek style and fab baby bumps. Us Weekly just reported that fashion stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe is pregnant! Zoe undoubtedly lives a busy life but pregnancy requires us to pump the breaks and take it easy. We’ve all watched Rachel struggle to juggle her personal life and work (work WAY winning out in her world – bananas!), but now that baby is on board she will have to do some serious shifting. Here at Healthy Style NY we want to keep Zoe and all the busy NY mom’s-to-be out there healthy and happy. Here are my top 8 tips to stay healthy, rested, and fabulous while expecting!

8 Great Pregnancy Tips For Busy Mom’s to Be

1. Drink water- Sounds simple enough, yet its so difficult for many of us. We learned back in grammar school that our bodies are composed of 55-60%  water. We may carry our water bottles around town, but let’s face it, we’re not drinking enough water. Dehydration is so common and yet most of us have no idea we are lacking the water necessary to perform at peak levels. Since we are mostly composed of water, we need to replace water that is depleted from the body as well as give our body the water it needs to perform metabolic processes. In pregnancy this is especially important! Dehydration can cause uterine contractions, premature labor, low amniotic fluid, over eating, and fierce cravings, among other things. If you’re worried about excess “water weight,” remember you’re likely to retain more water (causing swelling in ankles, feet, hands, and face) when you’re not drinking adequate water. Remember the 8×8 rule- drink eight, 8oz glasses of water daily, (about 1.9 liters). Get yourself a cute little water bottle and keep drinking. For a little flavor add some lemon or lime wedges.

2. Get your greens on!- Eat more salads, cooked leafy greens. Upward reaching leafy veggies are blood builders and cleansing for the liver. Experience your greens in a variety of ways, interesting salads, sauteed, steamed, juiced. Bulk up your fiber intake and have at least two salads daily. Add a variety of toppings to make your salads more substantial; beans, chopped veggies, etc. Greens help to regulate your blood sugar and will likely curb any cravings for sweets. They will also help keep you regular, since pregnancy can cause an increase in constipation due to compression of the middle organs.

3. Keep it moving- Carve out some time in your busy schedule to do some of the things you love to do whether indoors or outdoors, like rollerblading, bike-riding, recreational sports, dancing, walking more, yoga, etc. When you do what you love you’re happiest, its exercise without effort, and an easy way to keep limber during pregnancy.

4. Keep it fresh- I mean two things here: 1. eat the fresh seasonal foods that are available, and 2. introduce new and exciting dishes, and methods of preparation to your culinary repertoire. It gets boring eating the same old thing, prepared the same old way all the time. With the changing season try incorporating some new techniques and recipes that will inspire you to eat healthy and celebrate this new shift and your blooming bump.

5. Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Stress has a terrible effect on the body one of the most noticeable results is excess belly fat! When we are under stress our bodies imagine that we are “under attack” and sends hormones into the blood stream that signal the “fight or flight response”- all blood rushes to your extremities- head, hands, and legs to help you think fast and get out of the potentially threatening situation. If the treat is a deadline, upset clients, fashion crisis- the body doesn’t know the difference. Eating with these looming stressful situations can cause poor digestion, gas, bloating, and unnecessary weight gain- because the body isn’t putting any energy towards digesting and metabolizing your food when you are under stress, so where does it go you ask? It gets stored in your tissues as fat! Let’s let the baby be in charge of the belly expanding, not your worries. Try deep belly breathing exercises to help oxygenate the body and signal a relaxation response, which will counteract the stress hormones. Sit up tall, shut your eyes, shut off your blackberry and take 20 deep, long, slow breaths…and smile.

6. Pack a Mobile Pantry- It can be challenging to eat well when you are constantly on the go. Places that serve healthy lunches and snacks are scarce compared to the plethora of fast food joints and delis out there. One way to set yourself up for success is to pack a mobile pantry. Pack a selection of easily transportable foods that you can munch on throughout the day when you find yourself hungry. Eat every few hours and stay well hydrated. This will help to regulate cravings and help prevent the onset of morning sickness. Pack fruit, nuts, seeds, crackers, cheese, a dip with sliced veggies.

7. Get Fat- A healthy intake of fats like avocado for instance is a great way to get essential fatty acids. Try extra virgin olive oil instead in place of other cooking oils. Essential fatty acids can not be produced by the body and as a result must be obtained from the diet. Omega 3s are beneficial for cardiovascular heath, neurological development, and healthy elastic skin- so if you want to prevent or minimize stretch marks ladies, get down with good fats. You can find them in flax seed oil, borage oil, fish oil, strawberries, broccoli, walnuts, eggs, and acai palmberry.  Added bonus- Increasing your intake of Omega 3s will help you burn fat and lower your cholesterol.

8. Get Rest!- So I can’t stress sleep enough. It is important to rest up while you are pregnant. The cardiovascular changes, hormonal changes, busy lifestyle and everything in between require you to rest up beauty. Relax and renew with this comforting pose- get out that plush blanket and set up near the wall, turn on the tunes and tune out the world. This yoga pose helps with exhaustion, and edema. Leg Drain: Bring your hips flush with the wall, lie on your left side, send your right leg up the wall and rolling onto your back, slide the left leg up to meet the right. Your hips can be flush with the wall at 90 degrees or slightly away creating a 45 degree angle with the legs. Close your eyes and relax your shoulders, and breathe deeply. Stay here for a minimum of 5 minutes. If you hang out here for 20 minutes, its equivalent to taking a two hour nap! * You are welcome to practice this pose up until 36 weeks, after that point it is advised not to enter this pose because of the pressure that might be placed on the vena cava*

So to Rachel and all the other fab moms-to-be, take good care of yourselves this pregnancy… and welcome to the club!

HSNY Insider Info: NYC Moms-to-be  Pregnancy Comfort Event

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Founder of Tender Shoots Wellness, and mother of a 6 year old, Lathem Thomas hope is to empower women to take charge of their lives by embracing wellbeing, helping them develop an authentic relationship with food, and finding spiritual and physical balance in their lives. She created Tender Shoots in 2005 to provide support to pre/postnatal  women along their journey into motherhood because she understand very the particular needs of women during pregnancy. She has developed a comprehensive service that addresses these various  needs in a holistic manner. For more info about Lathem, head to


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  1. Suzen1818 says:

    Excellent advice!! I’m not pregnant, but I feel like it applies to all busy women!

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