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Soaring The Skies? 4 Tips To Keep You Healthy (And Less Stressed!)

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We know travel can be stressful, especially with Wednesday being a huge travel day and talk of passenger protest over the new screenings by the TSA. While we can’t control the TSA, protesters, or full body screeners, we can tell you a few ways to keep yourself more comfortable.

A big day is coming up, and, if you are going to be flying the friendly skies, we’ve got a few tips to keep the healthy going when sky high! When taking any trip, planning is essential and keeping a few things in mind before heading out could save you a lot of headaches. Here are 4 simple tips to help you plan a safer and healthier travel experience.

#1: Seize your Seat
Take the time to book the best seat available. Are you flying in first or coach? No matter, because sites like can help you to determine where you will be most comfortable in either cabin. It could be that the seat in row 32 is a tad narrow due to the wing of the plane, that seat 10B is right next to the lavatories or that 17C has limited legroom. Finding and booking the most comfortable option in your price bracket can give you the assurance that once you board, you can relax and sleep comfortably if flight time allows. Even a short nap has been shown to improve cognitive function.

#2: Dine by Design
Do you follow a low carbohydrate, gluten free, vegetarian, or kosher diet? Regardless of your which dietary program you follow…declare it to the airline. Don’t just wait to be surprised by the lack of appropriate foods that arrive to you tray table. Indicate your food preference when booking the ticket. After all, you are more likely to cheat on a diet and binge on a sugary snack at the airport during a layover if you missed eating a meal on your first flight because it didn’t fit into your nutritional parameters. You may also want to consider packing a protein bar, or piece of fruit. After all, even the best-laid plans can often go awry.

#3: Stop Stress
Maybe your alarm didn’t go off, your boss called you on the cell phone just as you were heading out the door, or the line at Starbucks was longer than you had expected. Don’t stress out. Plan to give yourself an extra hour to get to your flight. Leaving the city can be quite a challenge, and planning for life’s little unexpected hassles is a must. Stress robs your body of essential B vitamins. A study reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that when a subject’s levels of thiamine, a B vitamin, was just ½ that of the daily requirement, the subject became, “irritable, depressed, quarrelsome, uncooperative, and fearful that some misfortune awaited them.” Travel days are difficult enough, especially with the heightened security at the airports. Feeling any of those emotions would only make matters worse. Take the time to arrive early and stave off the stress.

#4: Nourish with Nutrients
We have to consider more than just the stressed B vitamins when traveling. Consider the number of hands that have held the airport escalator railing. Imagine the hundreds of people who have put their shoes soles facing down in the plastic security bin you might be using. Think about the small child who spit up her bottle only yesterday in the seat you might be sitting in today. People carry illness, and airplanes carry people. The air that is re-circulated can be stale and unhealthy. It is wise to take precautions to increase immunity, such as boosting antioxidant levels with a good multivitamin. Antioxidants, such as A, C, E, Alpha Lipoic acid, CoQ10, Grape Seed Extract and Quercetin, can keep you healthy by neutralizing free radicals. Hold back a head cold by keeping your nutrient levels lofty. Remember, better safe than sneezy.

You’re now ready to board that plane and be assured of a healthy start to your upcoming trip. Hey, what seat are you in? Maybe you’ll be seated next to us… you never know. Happy Flying!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

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