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Baby Bumps: Celeb’s Favorite Pregnancy Products

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Oh Baby! Fashion Week is almost here, but we already know that the must have celeb accessory for fall is the baby carriage. In the meantime, the bump is the silhouette of the moment and it’s only going to get bigger in months to come. It seems like all of our favorite Celebs are sporting the baby bump. From Mariah and Pink to Zoe and Portman, the list goes on and on! There must be something in that TinselTown or should we say MommyWood water.

Here are 9 of our celebrity influenced pregnancy picks for all of you moms to be (or those single gals looking for yet another baby shower gift)!

1. Baby Blues
Self proclaimed “Maternity Maven” Rachel Zoe praised J Brand’s new maternity jeans calling them “a flawless starting point for a prego-chic look” in The Zoe Report.  They have an extra low front rise and high back rise, and soft elastic side panels on each side of the waistband for room to grow each month! Even with a big belly, you can still sport skinny jeans! Or try to stay in your favorite designer denim just a little bit longer and B Buckle them. These little gems have been around for a few years, but they are still in style and will save you some money (for a few months at least). Pink may want to rock Brooke Burke’s favorite “rock star mama” style. Just unbutton your pants, snap the buckle around your belt loops and go mama go!

2. Stretch
Angelina Jolie swore by prenatal yoga and yoga to lose her (very little) baby weight.  Pick up a Pre-Natal Yoga Deck—with 50 poses and meditations, a healthy workout is in the cards! Here are some pants perfect for practicing pre-natal poses.
Majamas are dubbed “the softest yoga pants”.  With an extra wide and super soft waistband – you can wear during and post pregnancy. (if you just want comfy chic-check out Juicy’s maternity pants)

3. No Stretch (Marks)
About those stretch marks… Jolie also reportedly got some help in that department. Bella Mama (appropriately named) Belly Butter provides relief from those itchy marks with natural ingredients. The Bella Mama Belly Oil soothes skin and minimizes marks during and post pregnancy. Supermodelmama Heidi Klum is also a fan.

4. Morning Chicness Bags
No we are not kidding. Please don’t gag. That is really what these disposable morning sickness vomit bags are called. Pack these pretty, compact, leak proof pouches in your purse. Perfect for pukers on the go! Morning Chicness Bags was a sponsor at a pre Golden Globes event and were a huge hit. Mark Wahlberg’s wife, model Rhea Durham said, “I could have used these a long time ago!” Four kids… what’s one more Rhea! Hope some made it into Portman’s purse!

5. Spanx
This super shaper has recently sparked some controversy. The goal of the new Power Mama Spanx is to provide lower back support, eliminate panty lines and tone butts and thighs. They even come in full length panty hose.With so many celebrity fans of the original, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing the Power Mama version (or actually not seeing is the goal) on a red carpet soon!

6. And Thanks
Those baby gifts are going to come rolling in, so have your super chic thank you cards ready. PhiloSophie’s has adorable options that are custom made with love. Good manners begin in the womb!

7. Hospital (Beauty) Call

You’ve heard of house calls… how about hospital call! NYC’s own celebrity hairstylist Angelo David of Angelo David Salon and his team of hair specialists are making hospital calls to make sure new moms feel refreshed before they take their little bundles of joy home. And oh yeah- also make sure moms are ready for their close up! We’ve all seen those in the hospital pictures… The Angelo David Salon New Mom Pamper Package covers everything from hair styling, to make-up apps, to facials, massages, and manis/pedis (those toes are tough to reach!). The also tote champagne and chocolate! Hey mom, you deserve it!

8. Keeping Up Post Pregnancy
Kourtney Kardashian gives credit to the Belly Bandit for helping to get her banging body back. This belly wrap claims tighten your post baby belly. Kourtney even designed her own. Ashlee Simpson and Amy Poehler strapped on the Cinch Tummy Wrap to shrink their stomachs.

9. Keeping it clean.
Bethenny Frankel post pregnancy skincare regime…. Pampers baby wipes! This mother and daughter duo is sharing beauty products super early!

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