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Fashion Week Spotlight: NY Designer Elene Cassis

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We love powerful women. Especially those that are motivated and have their own sense of style. Fashion Week is in full swing here in New York so we wanted to spotlight a hot NY City designer. Meet Elene Cassis. Her line is barely a few years old and already she is showing in the tents at Lincoln Center (a MAJOR accomplishment for any designer). Born and raised in New York, Cassis was a competitive gymnast for over a decade. Her competitive spirit drives the excellence of her work. She believes fashion is about empowering women, creating designs that enhance and celebrate the inner-spirit that makes each woman an individual.

Here’s what Elene had to say about fashion, de-stressing, and of course, New York!

What was the inspiration behind your Fall 2011 collection? As a native NYer- does your hometown inspire your designs?
The inspiration for my Fall/Winter 2011 Collection comes from the New York City skyline. I’m so proud to be from New York and it shows in the aesthetics and strength of my clothes. The energy here is infectious and keeps me on my toes.

Do you have any favorite hot spots or indulgences in NYC — spas, restaurants, entertainment?
My favorite place in New York is Yankee Stadium — I love the kettle corn! Although I rarely have time anymore, I love going to the Bliss Spa and eating at steak houses.

We know this is your first time showing in the tents. How do you de-stress, relax and stay balanced during such a crazy time?
I devote most of my time to my brand but I really try to create balance within my work by enjoying the time I spend with my incredibly dedicated team. They really balance me out. Since Fall Winter 2011 will be my first runway show at the tents, I feel a tremendous amount of pressure but am so honored to have this opportunity. When I feel overwhelmed I try to laugh at myself and the situation and move on.

What’s one item every woman should have in their closet for Spring?
Every woman must have a little black dress which will carry them through season after season

Elene Cassis will be showing this Thursday, February 17, 2011 at Lincoln Center. For more information on Elene or her line her to her website.

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