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Is Newly Engaged Vanessa Minnillo Looking To Get Pregnant?

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We all heard the buzz a few months back when Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey announced their engagement (finally!). So does newly engaged Vanessa already have babies on the brain? She’s been hitting the media circuit talking about the importance of Folate and Folic Acid, something doctors have always recommended for women who are pregnant or looking to get pregnant. Our Lathem Thomas got the scoop at a recent press luncheon here in NYC. She got Vanessa talking about everything from pre-natal vitamins to her hot Louboutin pumps!

TV personality Vanessa Minnillo unveiled her national education campaign, Girlfriends for Folate, to inform women of childbearing age of the importance of daily folate intake. Her partnership with Bayer and March of Dimes to launch the Girlfriends for Folate or GFF campaign cleverly engages Generation Y women using social media as it’s target platform including Facebook and twitter to help spread the good news about folate for women.

In her NYC press conference Vanessa, who wants to one day become pregnant said, “I’m taking action now by making sure I get the recommended amount of folate in my diet”.  I sat down with Vanessa and we talked nail polish, shoes, and prenatal vitamins. She was wearing a fierce Catherine Malandrino number with classic nude Christian Louboutin pumps. She told me that as a recent member of Twitter she answers all of the tweets from her fans and women curious about the wonders of folate.

Folate is a water-soluable B vitamin that naturally occurs in leafy green vegetables, beans, legumes, and enriched grains. It helps to regenerate cells and is important to take before pregnancy and during the early months of pregnancy for neurological development. March of Dimes recommends that all reproductive age women supplement their diet with at least 400mcg of folic acid daily. You can get adequate amounts of folate from the dark leafy greens like kale, chard, collards etc but for those of us who are skipping the salad bar it is especially important to get the folate synthetically as Folic Acid.

Girlfriends for Folate launched March 15th with a national competition to identify the U.S. region with the most “GFFs.” Women can join the GFF movement by registering at The region with the most GFFs will be recognized nationally during its local March of Dimes March for Babies®, where Vanessa will join other women committed to spreading the word about the importance of daily folate intake. Way to go Girlfriend!

Follow Vanessa on Twitter and become her GFF or head to Girlfriends for Folate for more info!

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