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John Of God Healed Me…I Think

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I guess I needed healing. Why else would I sign up to see John of God from Brazil, who made his way to the Omega Center in Rhinebeck, N.Y. last week? Though what I’m healing exactly, I’m not sure.

I only learned about the big spiritual macha John of God a few weeks ago from an online radio show hosted by Dr. Wayne Dyer. People from all over the world travel to Brazil to find themselves in his presence. He heals the sick, the blind, the old and dying — and apparently a few neurotic chicks like me.

He and his spirit guides do these “interventions” which are spiritual operations. They go into your body and repair what needs to be fixed. Then, seven days after your “surgery,” they visit you in the night and remove your stitches. Sounded wild enough that I had to try it.

So last week I drove myself to Omega and found myself in a huge tent filled with what seemed like a couple thousand people. Only, I didn’t get the “Wear All White” memo, because I was the only one dressed in black. They told me afterwards that John of God sees your energy better in white. Oops!

We were told to meditate in the tent until we were called to pass by John of God. That was a bit hard — I was distracted by all the many faces around me: The young children with shaved heads who had cancer, the ladies who seemed too young to be using walkers, the young boys shrieking from their Tourette’s and the regular spiritual seekers who could use some peace of mind like me.

Finally row by row we were sent in to pass by John of God. I walked into a room and saw an older man sitting in a peaceful, dream-like state, accompanied by men and women acting as ushers and translators. I noticed that he spotted me from down the room. Maybe it was my bright green sweatshirt? Or was he just a big spiritual flirt?

I finally walked in front of him and put out my hand and smile again. He told the ladies next him in Portuguese to have me sit in the room in front of him and to order me up a spiritual intervention at 2pm. Just what I needed?

After lunch I returned back for my healing. Again, I was led in a big line to a room and asked to close my eyes. Only this time I felt a deep force or energy around me. When I opened my eyes, they actually stung a bit — though I wasn’t scared. I just sat still. Then a woman told us to put our right hand over our heart and think about all things we wanted healed. Oh brother, here I go.

I thought, “Give me patience, keep me kind and loving, find any problems in my body and fix them, oh and can you make my PMS go away?” After about 5-10 minutes John of God walked in, recited a prayer and said that we had concluded the healing. The room felt intense and I wondered what I had done to my body.

The experience with John of God was pretty exciting. I’m glad I tried something new and opened myself up to some intense positive energy! But I know the real healing and answers still have to come from inside me. As great as John of God is, my true nature is more powerful. Then again, let’s see how I feel after the stitches come out!

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