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Spring Clean Your Career

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Spring has sprung, and summer is on the way! If the past few warm days have meant you’re cocktailing at the nearest rooftop bar, grabbing a blanket in Central Park, and planning your first weekends to the Hamptons, you’re not alone.

As you’re spicing up that social life perhaps you’ve also gone through your closet to toss some old clothes that were too 2010. As you get a new spring in your step thanks to the season, it’s also time to take stock of important aspects of your life, including your career. After all, without the benjamins it’s pretty hard to plan weekend escapes, spa treatments, and personal training sessions.

That said, what are you holding onto that no longer serves you? If your boss promised you a promotion about a year ago, it may be time to truthfully look at your situation: Do you have more responsibilities, more headaches, and nothing else to show for it? Are you gaining anything such as client exposure or access to the higher-ups or are you beating your head against an exposed brick wall?

It’s time to think outside the cubicle, sister and get movin’. If your gladiators no longer feel spunky and it’s time to ditch them but you haven’t quite gotten your new “it” sandals of the summer, it may be time to stretch that career one step at a time as well.  What areas of your job have you outgrown and how can you grow into new areas?

When I give career advice the first question I ask someone is what they’re currently doing. More often than not, they barely take a breath and continue by saying, “But what I really want to be doing is this…” So, as you take stock of most areas of your life this time of year, no times like the present to truly look at your job situation. What makes you unhappy? What can you change? What things are you unable to change? How can you alter your attitude to deal with some of the BS? Most importantly, how can you get to where you want to be?

Since you can’t exactly tell the boss to take this job and shove it even though you may be more qualified, smarter and let’s face it, a whole lot savvier, it may be time to add something to your plate that’s all about you: networking functions, a new blog, semi-monthly lunches with your mentor.  Whatever you do, just be sure as you put effort into the social life, outfits, and all things that go glam, that you focus on ways to give your career a burst this season.

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Need more career advice? Vicki Salemi is an author, global freelance writer, career consultant, public speaker and die-hard Yankees fan! Her newest book, Big Career In The Big City, is now available for pre-order on amazon! Order here!

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