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Quinoa: We’re Nutzo For This Sexy Food!

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QUINOA, you make me go nutzo: You’re sexy, lean, mean, tasty, so versatile and a complete protein!? Quinoa, if you were a guy, you’d be like David Zinczenko meets Johnny Knoxville meets Channing Tatum.. aka my droolfest, dream man. Read along and learn about this powerful super sexy food!

Pronounced KEEN-Wah, this “sexy food” is always on my plate and at my dinner parties without any hesitation. Quinoa is definitely my wingman to staying fab, healthy and sexy! I often refer to it as “ Nature’s Couscous”, because most people cannot tell the two apart just by first glance or consistency. That’s where I’m trying to convince you to convert to quinoa.

Quinoa is a grain-like seed that contains all 9 essential amino acids making it a complete protein, meaning it’s a great source of protein for vegetarians. Guess what? Your boring plate of couscous (which is pasta! Duh!) is NOT a complete protein. Quinoa can also help the body absorb more nutrients with the help from its natural minerals, potassium and manganese.

With the same texture, consistency and visuals as couscous, and more nutrients, packed with protein and it’s gluten free…I’m not even going to assume that you will look at couscous ever again, right?  It’s no wonder that quinoa is regarded as the “Gold of the Incas”; it’s pure sexy!

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