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Nourishing Dry Locks: Gorgeous Shiny Healthy Hair!

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Ever wonder how some girls get their hair to be so shiny and gorgeous?  While a few may be naturally blessed with those tresses, we all can still attain shiny, healthy hair.

I am not a Hair Stylist or professional, but my years in television and being fortunate enough to have great stylists work on my hair daily (thank you Enrico at WCBS and Eluit Rivera!), and my own experimentation in trying to tame my naturally curly (and often wild) hair has lead to me a few great conclusions that I must share.

First off, I have say that your hair, skin, and nails are nourished through nutrition. Marissa Lippert, our nutrition stylist and owner of Nourish NYC, says that diet absolutely plays a part in healthy, gorgeous, shiny hair. Healthy omega-3 fats are the primary factor, and certain vitamins/minerals (biotin in particular which found in eggs and milk) aids hair growth and health.

Aside from nourishing on the inside, here are some of my top tips for shiny, healthy hair.

redkensmoothProducts make a difference:

This is coming from a girl who used to style my hair with whatever was on sale that week. While some inexpensive products can do the job, I have found that there are products out there that areworth investing in to protect your hair and achieve that sleek look.  I love, love, love Redken’s Smooth Down Heat Glide. I don’t even know how I came across this product but I am so glad I did. This protective smoother is a leave-in serum that totally tames frizz and gives an ultra-smooth, glossy finish. It  also protects hair from all the damaging heat a blow dryer can deliver. I am also a big fan of biosilk serums.

brushTop tools are Necessary

Buy a GOOD Blow dryer: Again, it’s worth spending a few extra bucks and arming

yourself with the right tools to fight your unruly hair! I spent years buying cheap-o hair dryers that in time would inevitably burn out halfway through blow drying my locks (thick haired girls can you relate to blowing into the nozzle to cool it down in order to finish drying your hair?) Eventually I learned the error of my ways, and invested a few bucks in a good ionic blow dryer. A quality ionic dryer will dry your hair faster, protect your hair better, and won’t fail you half way through.

Ceramic Brushes Smooth: Thanks again to my CBS hair stylist Enrico for introducing me to ceramic brushes. You may say, “Why pay $10- $20 for a brush when you can get one for $5?” I can only answer that you’ll know after the first time you use it. I personally use a large round brush by Ceramic Tools by jilbere de Paris that is fantastic. Ladies, don’t be scared of using a larger barreled brush either. I find the small ones get caught in my hair and are much harder to use. Go big!

matrixFlat Irons Finish: Ok, I have to mention the flat iron because while not a big user myself, so many other ladies swear by them. Yes, a good flat iron will give you a smoothed out look, but beware, too much heat can also dry out and damage your hair big time. It you’re going to pull out the irons, make sure to use a product to protect! Matrix just came out with The Sleek.look Iron Smoother which protects from the damaging, extreme temperatures of flat irons. It also does double duty protection by shielding UV rays.

Natural Oils=Smooth, Shiny Locks

Yes, ladies, our natural oils give us all shinier, smoother hair naturally. If you can read between the lines, I am telling you to stop over washing! Unless you are working in a fajita factory there really is no reason to wash every single day. Haven’t you ever noticed how on day two (or three or four :)) of not washing your hair, it actually looks smoother and silkier? So, not doing the daily dose of shampooing is actually better for your hair AND saves you time. Win, Win!

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Static, Dry Scalp, & Limp Tresses Have You Down? Insider Advice From NYC Stylist Angelo David.

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Winter have your hair down? Yes, the cold weather is here and that means we need to look after our hair differently. Whether the harsh elements out in the cold, or the super dry air in your NYC apartment, factors like these bring our hair down!  We headed over to the beautiful Angelo David Salon in midtown and got first hand advice on how to deal with all out winter hair woes

Problem: STATIC
Tired of your hair flying away from you and clinging to every sweater you pull over your head?
A laundry dryer sheet works wonders for unruly static hair. Run the sheet lightly over your head and make sure to not overdo it (hair can get greasy). A static free brush also is great tool to eliminate the problem. For an emergency quick fix for static hair, a small amount of lotion should do the trick to tame your static mane.

Problem: DRY SCALP
The winter season is notorious for drying the scalp.
The best suggestion is to use intensive hydrating shampoos and conditioners, such as the Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Going for a weekly deep scalp conditioning scalp treatment is highly recommended to address dry scalp. Also limit the use of products with alcohol or sulfates in it, since they further dry the scalp.

Winter elements like cold harsh weather and dry air can bring your hair down!
Solution: Always spray a leave in conditioner (like the Angelo David Vital Complex Leave-in Conditioner or the Zero Frizz Control) after a shower.  When styling or blowing out hair, using a wooden brush will help reduce static electricity. Finish your look with a serum or a pomade to lock in shine and moisture. Finally, don’t forget to drink lots of water.

BONUS TIPS: A humidifier will help bring moisture back to the air and in your hair. Also, moisturizing treatments, such as a deep conditioning, are key to bring moisture back to the scalp and hair.

To find out more about Angelo David and his midtown salon head to

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Devachan Salon: A Curly Girl’s Dream (VIDEO)

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Let’s face it, taming our locks can be a task and a half in the heat and humidity of summer. Add extra grief into the mix if you have curly out of control hair. However, we found a haven for our hair in the chic Soho salon, Devachan. Designed to cater to the “curly girl,” Devachan has a specific technique to cut, color, and care for curly hair. Stylist encourage their clients to embrace their natural hair (put the flat iron away!) and show first hand how to bring out the best in your locks. Check out our visit to Devachan in our latest video feature!

Trouble viewing this video? Click here.

For more information on Devachan, and the fabulous Deva Spa click here.

Is Your Hair Ready For New Years? Faculty Gets 50% off Antonio Prieto Salon!

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Christmas may be over but at Antonio Prieto Salon the giving isn’t! Until May 2010 they are giving a 50% discount to all school faculty members! Simply present your id, print the offer below, and mention and you will get half off your first service, and 15% thereafter! With New Year’s Eve just days away, what could be more perfect?

Hair Holiday Promo



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