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How to Humidity Proof Your Beauty Routine

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Summer weather is here! We now know for sure it’s July with the increasing heat and humidity. Thankfully, I have found some wonderful products that won’t destroy that great summer glow, and keep your feeling and looking great.

LUSH Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Ease has single handedly saved my hair this summer. This ultimate treatment that you put in your hair before you wash and condition (while it is dry) is full of essential oils that will bring dull hair back to life  and fend off the fluffy look that humidity can bring with it. It smells fantastic, and literally adds shine and tames those wild tresses.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion is another summer find. Are you worried about your skin looking shiny by mid day? Do your pores seem larger than normal? Kiehl’s has created a fantastic new moisturizing lotion that is perfect for those who have normal to oily or very oily skin. This product has Amazonian Clay in it which helps absorb excess sebum and keeps your skin looking matte and dry all day long.

CO Bigelow Mentha Body Wash will keep you feeling fresh this summer.  Talk about keeping your skin feeling cool -WOW! This fantastically refreshing body wash has peppermint oil infused right in to make sure that every shower you take will cool you right off. It also nourishes your skin with vitamins A, C and E.

Tarte Cosmetics Lock and Roll is the perfect liquid shadow for those hot summer days. Don’t let the heat and humidity scare you away from wearing great eyeshadow colors with the fear that all you will be left with is lots of shadow in your crease!  Tarte has a fantastic product with an assortment of colors that allow you to put the powder color over the liquid to help “lock in” the color for all day wear. It’s crease proof and water proof!

Sunscreen 101: Mistakes That Will Bring On The Burn

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sunscreen tips La Roche-Posay

Applying sunscreen seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not all as basic as it seems. Our friends at La Roche-Posay break down the 10 most common mistakes that will bring on the burn!

Waiting until you are outside to apply sunscreen: Sunscreen should be applied at least 15 minutes before going out into the sun so that it can fully absorb into your skin.

Applying sunscreen around your clothes: Skin cancer can strike anywhere, so it’s best to apply sunscreen before you put on your clothes. If you already have it on you’re likely to apply it gingerly so you don’t get it on your clothing, which makes it likely to miss spots.

It’s not the right stuff: The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every. Look for any brand with an ingredient called mexoryl, a UVA-blocking compound.

Being stingy: Be sure to cover your entire body. To cover your entire body, the American Academy of Dermatology estimates it should take a shot glass size amount of sunscreen.

Missing key spots: Most common place to get skin cancer is the back of your calves. There are lot of areas people tend to forget and are just as important to protect including toes and feet, underarms, back of the neck, ears, and eyelids.

Not reapplying: This should be reapplied at least every two hours and if you are sweating or swimming, you should reapply more often. You cannot apply once and consider it done for the day, even the sweatproof, waterproof, and long-acting sunscreens wear off.

Not choosing the right sunscreen for your activity:If you are going to be at the beach or pool, wear a waterproof and/or sweat-proof SPF. If you are planning on doing activities where you might perspire make sure you get a water-resistant formulation.

SPF is not for your skin complexion: Skin cancer does not discriminate and every skin type needs to be protected. The myth about dark skin not needing protection is just that, a myth.

Being outdoors midday: Midday sun is the most intense and damaging. Peak sun hours are now between 10am and 4pm so try not to be outside for an hour or more.

Not worrying about the kids just yet: Protecting children from the sun not only prevents painful sunburn, it also significantly reduces the risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Just a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin cancer later in life. Babies should start wearing sunscreen at 6 months and La Roche-Posay offers mineral options that contain unique blends of UV filters that provide the ultimate broad spectrum protection.


Top Photo: La Roche Posay

Spring Beauty At It’s Best : Products That Brighten,Renew & Uplift!

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spring beauty

Spring is a time of renewal and revival, filled with new starts and fresh scents. Since spring has certainly taken it’s time to reach us, we’re bringing you some great beauty products to bring spring to your skin and senses right now.  From cleansing and brightening to flowering and revitalizing, these picks will make you feel bright and beautiful, even when the weather is not!

st ives apricotSt. Ive’s Fresh Apricot Scrub: Dead skin cells of winter be gone! This old favorite is filled with natural exfoliants and renews and moisturized key ingredients like apricot, corn kernel meal, and walnut.  All without parabans, sulfates or oils, and it retails for under $5! 


Apothederm Brightening Cleanser: The Brightening Cleanser not only cleanses skin, it also refines, brightens and tones. Formulated with malic acid and vitamin C, this cleanser helps loosen dead skin cells and hydrates skin. $28

Kahina facial lotion

Kahina Giving Beauty Facial Lotion: Worth the splurge, this gentle natural lotion combines high concentrations of 100% organic argan oil with other naturally beneficial ingredients including organic shea butter, sodium hyaluronate and organic beeswax to moisturize, hydrate, and protect. This company is a favorite of ours with giving back being one of it’s core missions. $40


Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight SPF20Beautiful, light illuminizing, pearlized pigments instantly add a radiant glow to any skin tone. This universal shade is infused with skin saving vitamins, antioxidants and natural actives to hydrate and nourish skin while also delivery anti-aging benefits.  Key ingredients include Ecophysalis, Saw Palmetto Extract, Passion Fruit Oil, CO Enzyme Q10, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. $48

caldrea essential collection

Caldrea Essential Collection  Welcome 5 new products perfect for getting your body and mind into shape this spring! Caldrea debuts the essential collection of Body Oil, Body Lotion, Body Wash, Hand Balm and Exfoliating Scrub – retailing from $6.99-$12.99 (exclusively at Target) in three uplifting fragrances:

Apple Mint – Add a spring in your step with natural essential oils of Spearhmint and Cedarwood
Ginger Honey - Natural Essential oils of Ginger and Nutmeg offer a mix of a zing of good clean health with a deliciously awake sensation
Mango Lily - Juicy tropical notes find white freshness in the clean and floral notes of lily, with this mix of natural essential oils of Orange and Vanilla


Fashion Forward Skin – Is Your Skin Ready?

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It’s finally here, the week that we all gear up for all season long…. FASHION WEEK!

The talk will be about who’s wearing what and everyone will be looking their absolute best – of course. This year one of the hottest accessories will be the best looking skin one could have and under all of those flashing bulbs and high definition cameras. Well, your skin must looks its best!

I have found the hottest product that will get your skin ready for fashion week in no time at all. The Brazilian Peel ( ) is one of the most innovative products available out on the market. Why you ask:: this innovative product is the first ever of its kind! It is a medical grade strength AT HOME glycolic peel infused with Acai. This once a week treatment leaves your skin radiant and flawless, not red and irritated like most glycolics. Your skin is ready for those HD cameras immediately!

Prep your skin with The Brazilian Peel then wear your favorite HD make-up and get to the tents and the parties – you are going to love seeing yourself in any and all HD shots!  Your skin will look like its been photo shopped but hasn’t.


Long Lasting Makeup: Five Fab Products That Stay Put

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Who wants to spend time putting our makeup on in the morning, only to find out by noon it looks like it was never applied in the first place?  Let’s face it, us NY City girls are on the go, and don’t have the time to fuss with our makeup all day long. We’re all looking for those perfect products that go on, and stay on! Not to mention that with summer on the way, it’s even more critical that our makeup last under the hot summer sun, and keep us looking fresh and fabulous all day long.

So, here are my five favorite products that stay put!  They are staples in any make-up aficionado’s kit, and makeup artists (including myself) swear by them for long lasting coverage!

Tarte: A Clean Slate $30.00
This natural primer helps makeup stay in place longer while preventing creasing in fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike other primers, clean slate™ contains natural fruit and plant derived extracts to treat, protect, sooth and hydrate the skin on even the most arid of days!

Giorgio Armani Beauty: Lasting Silk UV Foundation – SPF 20 $58.00
Starlight proof, spotlight proof, in a new liquid silk texture. A high resistance make-up that gives a luminous semi-matte finish that lasts and lasts. The new coverage effect without coverage feel and with protection from the strong summer sun.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner: $19.00
Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner gives you the look of liquid liner with the ease and feel of a gel formula.  It’s drama for your eyes, made easy.  Long-wearing, water-resistant color glides on and remains in place without a smear or crease, due to its quick dry, transfer resistant, gel.

Shu Uemura  égérie Eye Shimmer Duo $42.00
Duo color eyeshadow that includes a shimmering creamy liquid and hyper sparkling glitter powder. After applying the liquid base, layer on the soft crushed glimmering powder which stays on perfectly for sparkling and enchanting eyes.

Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush $45.00
Based on the patented technology of our legendary Water Canvas Foundation, Water Canvas Blush is a moist, refreshing formula, so light and natural looking, it perfectly mimics the flush and glow of healthy skin.Contains 75% Microwater, a unique 100% natural botanical seaweed polymer, along with Vitamin E, and silica

Photo: Flickr

Spotlight on Skin: 3 Sunscreen Ingredients To Avoid

Is your sunscreen disrupting your hormones?

Say what? I thought my sunscreen was protecting me from the dangerous rays of the sun, but now I have to worry about it harming me too? That’s right, ladies, there are many toxic chemicals lurking in the average product that you see on the shelf.

With summer in full swing, it’s freeing to be outdoors enjoying the warmth of sun on your skin. But as important as our daily dose of Vitamin D is, so is our protection from a burn and perhaps more serious illnesses. And with that, comes another caution – beware of the ingredient list on your sunscreen!

Ingredients to avoid and why:

OXYBENZONE – Oxybenzone easily penetrates the layers of skin, allowing it to enter your system. It has been linked with endocrine hormone disruption (including reproduction), an increase in endometriosis, cellular level changes, and system toxicity.

RETINYL ACETATE (VITMIN A ACETATE) – Vitamin A in your diet has been proven to protect against HPV proliferation and cervical cancer, but putting it on your skin in the sun does not have the same effects. Studies have shown that vitamin A treated skin exposed to sunlight can increase your risk of cancerous tumor growth.

OCTYL METHOXYCINNAMATE (OMC) – Studies have linked to increased levels of estrogen, reduced production of thyroid hormones, and declined immune function.

Ingredients to look for:

AVOBENZONE – Used in products since 1978, avobenzone provides protection against UV-A rays and test results show no hormone disruptions.

ZINC OXIDE – Remember the 80s with zinced up lifeguard noses? This mineral shows limited skin penetration, no photoallergy and no hormonal disruption.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE – Great for UV protection, this other mineral also has limited skin penetration, no photoallergy and no hormonal disruption.

Our environments today have an increased number of industrial-created chemicals that alone not seem toxic but in combination with all the other chemicals (in shampoo, make up, cleaning products, plastics in our home, paint on our walls, finishes on our furniture, I could keep going) and environmental factors (sun exposure) may lead to detrimental effects on our systems. Take control where you can!

At FLO living we love using EWG as a resource for product information, all studies cited in this post are results from research done by EWG. Take a peek at their sunscreen guide to 2012.

Knowledge is power, and we like you having power!


Poolside Beauty

The time has come where we are spending those weekends out of the big city and heading out to soak in the sun and cool off at the nearest body of water! Whether pool or ocean side, we still want to look our best all day long.

I never recommend going to the beach or the pool with a full face of make-up, I do however believe that your skin should be protected and look great all day long. Try and always use products that are cream or liquid because any powder product will come off quicker with each dip in the water.

Thankfully there are some wonderful products that not only protect but make your skin look flawless and sun kissed. Here are a few of my favorite picks for pool side beauty:

I highly recommend wearing a great sunscreen while spending a considerable amount of time in the sun. If you’re spending the day lounging poolside or oceanside don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every few hours. If you are just going to be spending your time “socializing,” a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen included such as Dr. Patricia Wexler’s Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30.

Keep your look simple and natural by using soft cream eye shadows that will stay put (such as Nars and Bobbi Brown) and waterproof eye liner such as Benfit’s Bad Gal liner and No-Smudge Mascara from Bobbi Brown.

If you want to add some color to your lips for that “just-sipped Kool-aid” look, try using a matte lip pencil, these are great because they give you a hint of color. Don’t forget, most of them do not have an SPF so I recommend putting on Fresh SPF 14 Sugar Lip Treatment over the lip pencil color or to use alone. The lip treatment not only infuses great moisture to your lips, it also will protect your lips from the harmful rays of the sun

Don’t forget to keep your hair looking great too! Try something like Cutler Protectant Treatment Spray. This product will not only keep your hair soft and hydrated but it will also act as a shield for your hair from environmental effects.

No matter where you will be spending your summer – the Hamptons or a local pool, you will look gorgeous all summer long.

Inglot: A Color Wonderland

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Recently I stumbled upon makeup store Inglot. I was in makeup heaven. I was surprised that not only have I never heard of it prior to this, but I never even seen it before. Figures why though — the Polish company (pronounced in-GLOT, not in-Glo as I keep wanting to say it) opened their first US outpost in Times Square only four and a half months ago in June 2009. After my first visit, I’m entirely convinced that if it’s color you’re seeking, this is the place to go.

inglot nail polish

inglot lip glossThe brand itself hosts over 500 colors in their nail polishes, lipsticks, and eye colors — more than they can actually house in the store itself. Their makeup’s claim to fame is their highly pigmented colors that are all paraben free (parabens are those synthetic waxes that are added to many products and have detrimental health effects when used over a long period of ti me), and sweat free. Additionally, the lipsticks are infused with Vitamin E. Nail polish fiends, note that they have a whole wall covered with colors in shiny or matte finishes for $10 each.

inglot jarsinglot shadow jpgIf you love gel-pot eye liners like I do, they have it here in every color under the sun for $12!

You will love this: all their makeup are priced in quite affordable ranges, starting at $9 for their eye or lip liners, and foundation/concealers staring at $15. They even have special prices for their “Freedom” palettes, where you can mix and match colors for a lower price.

And it could have been just during my short visit, but major extra points for playing some awesome tunes while I was there — The Strokes, Peter, Bjorn and John, Interpol, Keane. Please go and enjoy because we all know good music + colorful makeup = bliss. Obviously.

They don’t have a website yet and this is the ONLY store in the US, so New Yorkers take advantage, and non-NY’ers add it to your shopping list when you visit.

Store info:

75 9th Avenue, New York, NY

(212) 672-7124 ‎ ·

About Our Contributor: Shyema Azam

shyemaazamblog1Founder of Beauty And The Feast, Shyema Azam, now brings her beauty best to the pages of A NYC based beauty writer, Shyema has also shared her fab beauty sense with Marie Claire,  RealBeauty.comInStyleNew YorkElle Decor, and Essence. She absolutely loves NYC, and when she’s not dabbling around in makeup or eating, she is love traveling, going to concerts, and people watching.  For tips, pitches, and general epiphanies on life and the universe, you can email Shyema at

Beauty At Duane Reade: Better Than You Think!

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Has anyone noticed how HOT some Duane Reades are looking lately? OK, so maybe “hot” is not the right word, but definitely some serious improvements! And believe it or not, there are some seriously great beauty finds at the neighborhood drugstore. And yes, then new Duane Reades are now bring in the shi-shi high end products, but breaking the bank certainly isn’t necessary anymore when desiring fantastic beauty products. Dive in and explore and don’t worry about experimenting because these brands will keep that extra change in your pocket!

Here are my 4 fab products to pick up next time you are passing through:

Yes To Cucumber Shower Gel – infused with aloe vera, green tea and dead sea mud to soothe, nourish and

hydrate the skin. From cleansing cucumber to nourishing carrot, it’s a great find for under $10!

Garnier Ultra Lift Pro This rich overnight cream helps boost cell turnover. Who doesn’t need a good anti-wrinkle cream? Partner that with Garnier Skin Renew is an awakening skin massager and you are all set. It instantly brighten skin and reduce fine lines. Hey, as far as I am concerned a little massage never hurt anybody!

TRESemme:Fantastic anti frizz products that locks out humidity at a super inexpensive price tag! Smooth, silky hair even in the summer heat.

The Face Shop: Totally unique one time use facial mask sheets. Whether you’re looking for cooling Geranium or collagen pumping, they’ve got it all. No mess, and good to go!

Passport To Beauty: Great Products From Around The World

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The World Cup is bringing the the nations of the world together, and in the spirit of unity we decided to share in the love (of worldwide beauty that is!) We’re taking a journey around the world to check out the latest, most popular, and most luxurious beauty products out there.

We’re starting “down under” in the Southern Hemisphere, where the women know how to have fun in the sun (and look great doing it). Hissyfit is a hot new brand strait out of Austraila that beautifies with protection! Their all-natural products contain powerful anti-aging botanicals, and high spfs. Stay looking flawless with their “Saving Face” Foundation ($49). It comes a wonderful array of shades and includes an SPFof 50! Or try “Body Double” ($45), a rich body moisturizing lotion that piles on the protection as well. Hissyfit is available at select department stores including Bendle’s, or can be ordered online at

Asian women are known for their flawless porcelain skin, and our next stop brings us to Korea. Sulwhasoo is a skin care line that has been incredibly popular in Korea, and is now available in the US.  The line focuses on balance and harmony and incorporates ancient herbal medicine.  The super luxurious Concentrated Ginseng Cream ($220) delivers the nutrient-rich Ginsing to the deepest layers of the skin. Extracts from the root and fruit of Korean Ginseng promote renewal and revitalize the skin from deep within. Sulwhasoo also has serums, cleanser, and other high end creams. The whole line is available at Berdorf Goodman.

Next into France and onto hair! My fabu NYC stylist Eliut Rivera, introduced me Furterer (and Eliut knows hair!). Strait out of Paris, the line incoporates plant extracts and essential oils to keep your tresses in tip top shape. For summer they have a line dedicated to protecting and moisturizing sun- scorched hair. Champu Reparadoe (aka After Sun Shampoo – $21) gently cleanses, Masque rearateur apres sol (After Sun Hair Mask- $36) heals damaged hair, and Brume hydrante aspres sol (After Sun Moistuizing Spray- $23) restores and detangles.  Futuerer is available at exclusive salons, Sephora, & Bloomingdales.

Moving onto Morocco, and a line of beauty products that gives back! Kahina–Giving Beauty gives a percentage of their profits back to fund initiatives for the women of Morrocco, and many of these women play a part in making their products so great. The secret behind (and within) Kahina is Argan Oil . Extracted from the nuts of the Argna tree, this “miracle” oil is high in vitamins and anti-oxidants. It moisturizes, improves skin tone, and has powerful anti-aging properties, and can even be used on the hair to decrease frizz, and increase moisture and shine! Products in the line include Argan Oil ($36 small/$82 large) , Facial Lotion ($58), and Cleanser ($46). Available at Berdorf Goodman.

Finally we circle back to the USA ,where we found a line that brings us back around the world. Primitive Makeup, is all about the pure & natural! It comes to us from Woodstock, NY, but the luxurious lip products are named for beautiful places throughout the world! The creators drew inspiration from Moroccan deserts, Balinese beaches, and Caribbean sunsets. Primitive lipsticks ($16) come in colors like Taj Mahal, Bali, and Fiji. They feel amazing on your lips, and look beautiful as well. Primitive is available at Whole Foods and other natural markets or online.

Top photo: Flickr



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