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Headed Out Of Town? 3 Easy Exercises To Do Anywhere (VIDEO)

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The vacation season is here, and just because you’ve escaped the city, doesn’t mean you have  to leave your workout behind. Fitness Expert, Lacey Stone shows us three easy exercises that can be done just about anywhere!

Squat Jump:
What does it work? Works your BOOTY! The squat jump works the Glutes, the Hamstrings, the Quads, The whole Sha-BANG!
How should you do it? Do 3sets for 30-45 seconds that’s about 15-20 squat jumps per set.

Reverse Lunge JUMP (alternating):
What does it work? It works your Quads, Hams, Glutes again. The deeper you lunge the more bang you’ll get for you buck but be careful to stay in proper alignment not allowing your knee to come over the tip of your toes.
How should you do it? 3sets for 30-60seconds that’s about 15-30reps per Reverse Lunge Jump.

Butt Blaster: Karate Kid Kick! :
What does it work? The main focus of this exercise is the gluteus maximus.The focus will be on the right or left side of your glutes depending on which leg is supporting your balance. This is the exercise gets that part of the butt we’re all looking to tone.
How should you do it? 3sets for 1min each on each side try to bust out as many kicks as you can with good form.

Yoga While Pregnant: PURE YOGA Shares A Must-Do Move To Save Your Abs! (VIDEO)

Although working out can be a tough feat for many pregnant women, we found an easy, yet powerful move that will save your abs! Not only will it strengthen, tone, and help you get your body back post-baby, but it could even help you have an easier labor and delivery. We sat down with Mary Barnes of PURE Yoga to find out the one must do move for the mom-to-be.

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For more info on Mary Barnes or pre-natal yoga

go to

Bikini Ready Body: 3 Exercises To Get You Set For Summer (VIDEO)

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Spring is here, and that means summer is right around the corner, and THAT means bathing suits! If you’re looking to get your body bikini ready we’ve got the exercises just for you. Fitness expert, Lacey Stone, takes us through three exercises to get in shape in time for summer.

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Bikini- Ready Exercises

1) Elevated Single Leg Squat: Great exercise to get that booty in shape! Do 15 reps of one leg then switch and do 15 of the other. By the end you will be feeling the burn. Great for your glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs.

2) Tricep Dip: Make sure hands are securely gripping the bench. Keep feet at a 45 angle on the floor, and dip down until your bottom almost touches the floor. Do 15 reps and feel the burn! To make this exercise even more intense, lift one leg. Great for sculpting those arms for summer.

3) Push Up/ Star Jump!: Bring out your inner star with this fun and challenging exercise. Do a full push-up and then bring it to the next level by boosting off the ground into a star-jump. This hits all the major spots on the body (arms-core-legs), and gives a good kick of cardio to take it all to the next level!

All of these Exercises can be done in or outside of a gym. If not in a gym, make sure to use a sturdy bench when doing the squat and tricep dips. Each exercise should be done for 10- 15 reps (depending on your level). They should be done in a circuit (squat-tricep-star jump) and the circuit should be done 3 times!

Get that body bikini ready!

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Anne Craig Takes On PURE’s Figure 4 Class (VIDEO)

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Belly up to a ballet bar, because the city’s newest fitness craze combines ballet, weights, and cardio. We headed to PURE to feel the burn of  Figure 4 — the class that is turning people into instant addicts and hard bodies.


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Are you looking to get a buzz-worthy backside like Pippa Middleton’s? Or after sexy strong legs like Jennifer Anniston’s? Listen up ladies, that look can be achieved if you are willing to feel the burn!

HSNY-TV: Fun, Fit & FREE In the City! (VIDEO)

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? We found it! scoured the city for some great summer fun, and came back with some kick-butt FREE finds! We had no limits (except it couldn’t cost a dime) so we hit the high seas of the hudson and even journeyed to a bonefide Buddhist Temple in search of the good stuff! Ok, ok, check out our latest video feature below to see all of our  fun, free, city finds.

Shape Up NYC: Free Exercise Classes throughout the 5 Boroughs. See More Information HERE.

Cho Gye Sa  Zen Temple: Located on the Upper West Side and offering free meditations on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:30. For more information head to Also, check out Downtown Dharma for more information on Illana Arazie.

Kayak the Hudson: Village Community Boathouse and Downtown Boathouse offers free kayaking and rowing in the Hudson River. They also have a boat building program. For more info head to or

Getting Fit: Products That Make It Easier! (Video)

May 29, 2013 by  
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OK, we all know that getting in shape can often be a challenge. That’s why we made it our mission to find great products out there that will make the journey to fitness a little easier (and shorter!). Vanessa Alfano visited Better TV to talk about products that make getting Fit easier.


Training Traxx:
Take Your Trainer With You Anywhere: The Downloadable Workout: Forget pricey personal trainers, standard fitness classes, or boring gyms. Becky’s Personal Training Traxx is a series of interactive workouts where she dictates the entire workout right to your ears – coaching you though the exercises, form, speed and rhythm of the workout, inspiring you to work harder, run further, and sweat more! Different workouts tailored to your needs including Rock Hard Abs, The Running Challenge, The Bride-to-Be Workout, and Body-After-Baby Workout.

BE FIT Travel Fitness Kit: includes resistance band, jump rope and pedometer (they also go along w/audio workouts – jump rope workout, travel resistance bands workout, and running challenge).

Measure UP: The Measure Up Bowls are a solution to portion control at every meal. The pre-measured markings on the interior of the small Measure Up Bowl are 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, and 3/4 of a cup. Look at the serving size of the food you would like to enjoy, measure up to the appropriate line in your Measure Up Bowl, and enjoy!

Slim Wear Plates: Through their discretely disguised sections, Slim-ware plates advocate portion control. While the plates don’t tell you what to eat or how many calories, fat or carbohydrate grams you should consume, they do offer great guidelines for how much to eat.Veggies in the largest design on the plate, proteins on the mid-sized, and carbs on the smallest.

Pack-It Insulated Lunch Bags: Take control of what you eat by taking your food with you. Vending machines and Fast food restaurants are dangerous for those seeking healthy options, so take control of your diet with the help of Pack It Bags. Unlike other coolers, these foldable bags are lined with Eco- Gel That keeps contents cold for up to 10 Hours!

LUCY Perfect Core Pant: Lucy is taking workout gear to the next level. Looking to flatten that belly and work that core? The Lucy Pant is here to help! Featuring xBAR technology (eXtreme Body Reforming & Alignment) and the ultra-compressive lucy powermax™, the Perfect Core Pant features strategically placed mesh insets on the abdominals and lower back, reminding you to keep the core engaged and your body in alignment. Oh, and the added benefit: it smooths and shapes problem areas!

Fit Flop & Reebok Easy Tone Sneakers/NEW Run tones.
Sneakers & flip flops that tone your legs just by everyday walking? Yep, that’s right. Reebok says these sneakers provide 28 percent more gluteus maximus muscle activation, and 11% more calf and hamstring activation. Fit Flop boasts similar results (more muscle activation), as well as feedback that their shoes have relieved wearers back pain, shin splints, heel spurs and other ailments.

WEB RESOURCES Free service for the runner in you! Maps runs anywhere in the country. Gives mileage between points and elevation, as well as routes for popular runs. Also, provides a community of runners online and the ability to connect w different runners in your area.

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Awesome Abs: 3 Exercises That Can Be Done Anywhere (VIDEO)

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Let’s face it, we all want a flat tummy. Well, it’s time to stop envying the six-pack of others and get moving.  No excuses because you don’t need a fancy gym membership or personal trainer  to get results fast. Lacey Stone is here again to show us 3 Ab Exercises that can be done just about anywhere (even our tiny NYC apartments).

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Awesome Ab Exercise Further Instruction
Do each of these 3 exercises in a circuit (bicycle- walking plank- in & out).
Repeat Circuit 3 Times

Bicycle Intervals: Rock it out for 20 seconds OR do 20 taps fast ( 1 tap = right elbow to left knee or vice versa). Rest for 10 seconds (count to 10 yourself or use a stopwatch).  Then go at it again! Do 80 to 100 Taps in the first round.

Walking Plank : Use a mat like we did in the video. Start at one end of the mat in plank pose. Go across the length of the mat bringing your arms and legs together and apart at the same time. Go across the mat 4 times total (right to left  end = 1). Alternatively, you can also use a stopwatch and do walking plank for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

In & Outs : Set yourself up on the mat as we have in the video. Rock out 20-30 reps. Again, you will do a circuit (bicycle-walking plank- in & outs so that the end of it all you will have done about 60 in & outs!

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Rosie Pope: On Fashion, Diapers, And New Parenthood! (VIDEO)

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bravo’s ‘Pregnant In Heels’ star, Rosie Pope, and was able to get the scoop on new mommy-hood (amongst other things!). At the time I was 5+ months pregnant myself, and about to bust out of my skinny jeans. That being said, I decided first and foremost to find out some of her mom-to-be wardrobe essentials (after all she is the queen of fab maternity wear – check out her line at or at the Upper East boutique).  Aside from talking fashion, she also filled me on what to expect when changing poopy diapers (a surprisingly positive discovery), and how to get daddy-to-be well prepared. Rosie couldn’t have been more lovely, and I am so ecstatic to hear about her latest news– she’s now expecting a little girl!

Power Yoga On Demand: Free Yoga Anytime & Anywhere (VIDEO)

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Bryan Kest, of Power Yoga, stole my heart when I lived in LA.  His classes are fun, incredibly intense, and pocket friendly (his LA studios are donation based with the recommended donation being $14). While I was devastated to leave his practice out West — I quickly found out that don’t have to live without it!

PYOD offers a large list of classes via streaming video from his LA studios.  Simply head to Power Yoga On Demand and you have his fantastic yoga classes right at your fingertips (literally!). Here’s the best part – you can try it for FREE and you can ‘try’ it, more than once!  *But if you’re feeling extra generous, go ahead and make a donation online.  You can select from three donation classes or pay $15/month and select from more than 20 classes – that’s about the cost of one class in the city.

I spoke to Bryan recently and told him about my PYOD obsession.  He was kind enough to share some tips on how to stay focused in your practice at home with us! Enjoy and namaste!


1. FIND YOUR BEST TIME TO PRACTICE: Bryan says, before you even start the practice, sit down and try to work out the best time for you. A time when you will have a certain amount of time where you can be undisturbed by your phone, your computer, friends, family, meals, or other distractions.

2. BE COMMITTED: Try to make this time the same time everyday, says Bryan. Usually it’s early in the morning or in the evening for most people but it can be anytime that you feel will work for you. Then, proceed to show up on your yoga mat at the time that you predetermined.

3. FIND YOUR SPACE: Have a place that you like to practice, an area set up as your sanctuary, by a big window, in a dark closet, wherever you feel most comfortable practicing. Have any equipment that you need available to you, yoga mat, sweat towel, etc.

4. DON’T FORCE IT: If you have an hour of time on your mat, great.  But Bryan says it’s ok to do 5 or 10 minutes if that is all you have time for.  It will be much easier to be consistent, and much less confronting if you are not so rigid about the amount of time that you are going to practice. And therefore, you’ll be much more psychologically comfortable and less physically apprehensive showing up onto your mat each day. Even if you only end up practicing for only 5 or 10 minutes you will walk away from your practice feeling amazing because there is much benefit from devoting 5 or 10 minutes to yourself.

HSNY Insider Tip : Want to experience Bryan Kest’s yoga classes first hand? On special occasions Bryan travels to New York and teachers right here in the big city. Next month he will be heading up a master class at one of our favorite studios, Pure Yoga. For more information click here.

The Swiss Ball: 3 Easy Exercises To Get In Shape Now (VIDEO)

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OK, so you may not have even realized it but that large inflatable ball sitting on the workout mat at the gym is actually called  a “Swiss Ball.”  And, you also may not realize that it is a great tool to bring your workout to the next level. Fitness Expert, Lacey Stone, takes us through 3 Exercises using the Swiss Ball.

Using the Swiss Ball
Exercises & Reps:

1. The Crunch: Sit on the ball making sure your lower back rests on the ball (low enough, but still having stability.) You will essentially be doing a crunch, but it’s key to keep your neck long! Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

2. The Core Tuck or The Pike (advanced version): Get into “plank” position stabilizing the ball under your feet. Tuck your knees to your chest bringing in the ball and engaging core to keep balance. Do 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

3. The Pass-Off!:  Laying (arms and legs extended long) on the mat, place the ball between your feet and lower legs and raise your legs to meet your arms and pass off the ball! Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

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