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CK’s Pretty Delicious Miso Glazed Salmon (Video!)

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So, as many of you know, our very own Candice Kumai debuted her very first solo cookbook recently. Pretty Delicious is filled with lean and lovely recipes that won’t add inches to your waist. Candice is now bringing Pretty Delicious to life in a fun & fabulous video series. Take a look at what’s for dinner tonight!

PRETTY DELICIOUS – MISO SALMON from Candice Kumai on Vimeo.

Christmas Countdown: 10 Great Last Minute Gifts (VIDEO)

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better tv
Christmas is just days away, and the gift giving countdown has begun. It’s crunch time, and if you’re still thinking “What am I going get them?,” then this article is for you. has compiled a list of 10 Great Last Minute Gifts, all of which can be purchased days, or even just HOURS, before the big day.  So, if you are looking for a thoughtful, unique, and even personalized gift that can be purchased in minutes, keep reading. Or, view video of Vanessa Alfano on Better TV giving the gift guide here.

1) - a website filled with unique gift experiences for everyone. Buy your best girlfriend a vino & vinyasa experience, your guy an ice fishing trip,  the kids in your life a private trapeze party , or the whole family a safari sleepover. There are special gift adventures at all price points.
2) Gift your Airline Miles - No gift but a plethora of miles?  For a small fee you can transfer miles in to anyone’s account. A great gift for the travel buff in your life (or those who are bonkers over rewards). Also, this holiday season, many airlines are also doing special promotions. US Airways will double your gifted miles, and American Airlines is also giving added bonus miles when you give the gift of miles.
3) Online Fit Coach - does a woman in your life want to get fit? Women’s health online makes it easy. With a few clicks of the mouse you can purchase an online coach for the gal you love. She’ll gain access to a fully customized interactive fitness and nutrition plan, expert advice, and everything needed to reach her fitness goals. A great gift for someone looking to get in shape for 2010.
4) - Have a foodie in your life? sells online gift certificates to select restaurants throughout the US. And the kicker is you can buy a $25 gift certificate for only $5. A gift for all!
5) Coupon Books – The quickie gift that keeps on giving. Make a run to local Borders or Barnes & Nobles and you will find an array of “I owe You” and Coupon Booklets.  From “Coupons for Kids from Santa” to “Love Coupons” to “Great Sex Coupons”(every man’s favorite), there is something for everyone. They are the gift that will truly keep giving all year long. But…be prepared to pay out!
6) Create an online slideshow or Album – ,,  &  Mac’s mobileme  all give you the ability to create a special slideshow for the one you love. Just because you have left it until the last minute does not mean you have to grab a generic gift.  If you have pictures online you are just a few clicks away from creating a heartwarming, and incredibly personal gift. Many sites allow you to add your favorite music as well, making it all the more special.
7) - head to the online music store and compile a personalized playlist for the one you love. Find all the songs that bring back memories of times you shared, or just their favorites. If you have access to their ipod and can upload it for a super surprise. OR if there is no, ipod, follow it up with the gift card and this is a gift that will truly strike a cord! AND if the kids in your life are all about the music, you can create an itunes allowance account just for them.
8. For the technologically savvy (or not so savvy) person in your life, sells online gift cards that are great. As far as I am concerned, every one should own something Apple! My fav? The one-to-one annual membership which gives personal training on a mac for a whole year. It is the steal of the century. For only $99, you can buy weekly hour long tutoring sessions at your local Apple store, for a whole year! Give your favorite tech pal one-on- one tutoring, whether it’s learning  the basics of email and itunes , or how to build a website or edit a movie. A great gift for those at any level!
9) “Of the Month” Club Memberships - Yes, we’ve all heard of the “Wine of the Month”, “Fruit of the Month,”  Whatever of the Month Club. From wine and flowers, to fruit and steaks there are a PLETHORA of monthly membership/delivery clubs. Whatever their pick, you can now give the gift of a monthly batch of their favorite goodies for a whole year.  (My suggestion would also be that if possible, grab a sample goodie at the local grocery store, wine store, or florist to present with the gift-certificate. ie – run to the florist and grab flowers, and while a bouquet might not seem like the best Christmas gift for mom, flowers w/a card attached saying she’ll receive a delivery every month for the next year, is pretty darn sweet. And dad will not only love a good bottle of pinot noir, but stick on a note saying 12 more to come over the next year and he’ll be intoxicated!) There really is something for everyone: Fruit of the Month Club by Fruit CompanyWine of the Month Club. Cheese of the MonthMeat of the Month Club.
10) Donate - If the person you love is all about giving back, give them the gift of charity. PIck a charity of that is close to their heart, or one that you think they taps in to their interests or loves. Many organizations including The American Heart Association, Save the Children, American Cancer Society,  allow you to donate in Honor of another person.The World Wildlife Fund allows you to adopt an endangered species. Adopt a polar bear, sea turtle, or emperor penguin for a friend who loves the furry ones. Or you can buy the tree hugger in your life a part of the rainforest. gives legal ownership of a living rainforest tree, complete with certificate of ownership, a high resolution GPS locator map,  and more.

Joan Lunden: An Interview With An Extraordinary Entrepreneur (VIDEO)

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Recently, I had the privilege of being on the media panel at the Ladies Who Launch Event in NYC City. Joan Lunden was a speaker, and before my session I ended up sitting in on her speaking engagement.

Immediately, I was drawn to what she was saying as she spoke of her start in local news, and how she went from weather-girl  (I’ve been there too!) to Good Morning America Anchor (one day!) However, my real affection for Ms. Lunden grew when I heard her speak about her journey in starting businesses (been THERE too!).  She inspired and encouraged hundreds of female entrepreneurs in the room when she spoke about her journey and success in starting her own business. Not one, but FIVE thriving successful business.

I was so inspired by her that I knew I needed to interview her and share her wisdom and encouragement with our audience. Of course I hadn’t set up an interview in advance, but being the former reporter I am, I know I needed to find a way. I tracked her down in the green room, and, fortunately, she was ever so gracious to spend some time with me on camera. Here is just some of her advice for entrepreneurs.

Make sure to catch Joan Lunden doing what she does best (TV and business!), TONIGHT ON QVC.

Devachan Salon: A Curly Girl’s Dream (VIDEO)

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Let’s face it, taming our locks can be a task and a half in the heat and humidity of summer. Add extra grief into the mix if you have curly out of control hair. However, we found a haven for our hair in the chic Soho salon, Devachan. Designed to cater to the “curly girl,” Devachan has a specific technique to cut, color, and care for curly hair. Stylist encourage their clients to embrace their natural hair (put the flat iron away!) and show first hand how to bring out the best in your locks. Check out our visit to Devachan in our latest video feature!

Trouble viewing this video? Click here.

For more information on Devachan, and the fabulous Deva Spa click here.

Raw Food Diets… For Your Pooch! (VIDEO)

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We know that Raw food diets have been all the rage over the last few years. Restaurants here like Pure Food & Wine and  keep cooking to a minimum with the belief  that serving food below the temp of 116 degrees keeps in nutrients and all the good stuff in our food.  And now, the Raw food diet is going to the dogs! Literally! We  know how New Yorkers love their pets and we are all about keeping everyone healthy! We visited Beasty Feast in the West Village and got the low-down on the raw food diet for the dogs.

Spring Trends: Must Haves This Season (VIDEO)

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Spring is finally here. I bet you’re ready… but is your closet? If you don’t have the time or money to re-vamp your wardrobe, no worries…. Here are 5 easy ways to freshen up your look for spring and get on trend.

1.  Stripes
What’s old is new again. Stripes are back. This time they aren’t preppy. Think more nautical elegance, French Riviera-esque, Bridget Bardot inspired stripes. You can do a casual stripe tank or tee, cropped or long. Or you can try a more dressed up sequined stripe. Whatever you do, keep spring’s silhouette in mind… a looser top with a skinny bottom. The best thing about this trend is that there are stripes for every budget. You can grab a tank at Wal-Mart and throw it under a blazer or pair it with your favorite shorts or jeans. And at Bloomingdale’s, there are so many stripes it will make you dizzy.

2.  Jeggings
Denim is huge for this season. Denim dresses, shirts, jackets, and cut-off shorts are back in a big way. If you are going to make one denim purchase—make it the jegging. Jean + Legging= Jegging. Get it? Jeggings come in all washes, colors, and some even have faux pockets. They look great with your relaxed striped shirt and are the perfect transitional item. Beware—for anyone getting bikini ready, jeggings do expand with you. Unlike jeans that eventually get snug, jeggings are very deceiving!Leggings and jeggings were on the runway again for fall, so they are an investment. If you don’t quite feel like investing, grab an inexpensive pair at Conway, Annie Sez, and Mandee. There is also a wide designer selection at Bloomingdale’s.

3. Trench
You can never go wrong with a classic trench. The trench is bigger than ever but this time around it’s  a bit more fun. Try a pop of color, a new texture or a little something extra like a ruffle, puff sleeve, or add a belt. Burberry is right on. Aqua also some much less expensive options.

4.  Oxford
Ban your ballet slippers to the back of your shoe closet—the flats of the season are oxfords. Yep- flash back to dance class and your old jazz shoes. I personally prefer neutrals, but grown-up oxfords come in all colors and textures. They can be paired with a flirty dress or skirt, a boyfriend jean or jeggings. By giving your feet a break from heels, you will definitely add some spring to your step.Bloomingdales has a great variety of oxfords.If you are unsure of the trend and just want to give it a try, you can find less expensive options at Target JCPenney and Zappos

5. Accessorize
Lucite is easily most versatile accessory of the season. You see it literally from head to toe—adorning Louboutins to gumball necklaces draped on the neck. It goes from day to night and with just about anything. It does come in different colors, but clear (especially tear drop) is the biggest trend. Don’t to be afraid to mix Lucite bangles with your old silver or gold bangles. And don’t be afraid to layer your Lucite necklaces.

Spec-tacular Geek Chic glasses“Four eyes” has never been so sexy. For years you begged your mother for contacts… who ever thought you’d choose to sport these strong rimmed glasses? Luckily, no prescription is necessary. If you have a desire to make a statement, this trend is a no-brainer.  You can skip the pocket protectors, but be sure to choose a pair that protects your peepers (with UVA protection).


Red Carpet Ready: Health & Style Secrets From The Stars! (VIDEO)

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What do America Ferrara and  Regina King do to get “red carpet ready”? What does Lance Gross do to keep his bod in such good shape? What do Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mancia think about love? We found out!  Our very own Elisa DiStefano hit the red carpet for the premiere of the new movie “Our Family Wedding” and found out the Health & Style secrets of the stars… and more!

Microderm Abrasion: A Spa Week Special! (Video)

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Ok, I must admit, when my friends at Spa Week asked me if I wanted to try out a spa service and write about it, it did not take me long to answer, “Yes!”

I am a glutton for spas. I love massages, facials, and pampering of any sort. However, I had never had  a microdermabrasion facial, and actually was a little bit trepadatious, at the the whole “abrasion” thing (not what I normally associate with relaxing).

However, after my first microderm abrasion facial at FaceLogic in Mt.Kisco, I was sold.  It was such a treat and my skin felt super soft afterwards. And, the best part is, this service is part of Spa week and is being offered for only $50 from April 12-15! ( please note the “finishing touch” is based on availability).

Also, there are a bunch of other $50 spas and services at Spa Week. Spas book up fast every season, so sign up today. Head over to , click on your region, sign up, and then browse the extensive list of Spa Week spas and luxurious spa treatments available.

Peak 20 Workout: Get Fit in only 20 Minutes A Day? (*VIDEO*)

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When I heard that I could see results from a workout that only required 20 minutes of my day, I was sold. No more elliptical machine and 45 minute cardio sessions on the treadmill before hitting the weights? Done.

Personal trainer, Natasha Linton,  developed the Peak20 workout. It is “cutting edge and scientifically proven to burn more fat in less time than traditional 60 minute workout programs.”  Essentially what it does is maximize the time you have by including “multi-joint” exercises. What that means, is the exercises that are done are working several areas, essentially giving you “more bang for your buck,” or more results in a shorter time.  Peak 20 was designed to meet the needs of those with very little time in the day and also for those who want a change to their traditional 60 minute workout leading to better results.

The workout consists of a warm up and then a variety of exercises. It includes a LOT of squats, traditional jumping jacks, chest presses, and more. I very quickly felt the burn in my muscles, and realized that just because it is 20 minutes, does NOT mean it is a walk in the park, at all.

You can get an idea of what the workout is all about from the video. The Peak20 workout IS intense, but perhaps that is why results can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks. After all, how many times do you go in to the gym and see girls on the elliptical machine, magazine in hand, barely breaking a sweat. Ladies, we have to break a sweat to see real results! As the old adage goes, “no pain, no gain!”

Natasha fashions each Peak20 workout to individuals needs, but it is not necessary to have a gym membership or any fancy equipment to do the workout. All that is needed is a mat, a pair of dumbbells, and your body (many of the exercises are using your own weight as resistance).

For more information on Peak20 or Natasha Linton please visit her website .

Do you know about a new workout? Have a favorite workout or exercise spot? Tell us about it below!

Entrepreneurial Spotlight: Lauren Luke (& The Power of YouTube) *VIDEO*

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lauren luke sephora

Who’s Lauren Luke? Well, if you have not yet heard of this entrepreneur/make-up maven, you must watch the video below. Lauren has become a phenomenon in the makeup and social media worlds, grabbing followers and fame thanks to Youtube. She started out doing make-up application tutorials on the video hosting site, and her passion for the art (and her millions of views) had make-up mega store Sephora knocking on her door (or hitting her up on Facebook or Twitter…who knows).

Lauren Luke’s new line of makeup “By Lauren Luke” is popping up in Sephora stores across the nation. We caught up with her for her premiere launch right here in NYC. The ever endearing Lauren shared her story, showed me her beautiful make-up kits, and talked about her rise to fame and what the future holds for her.

If you have trouble viewing the video below, please see it on YouTube by clicking here.



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