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Sick Of Eating For One? A Simple Strategy & 5 Healthy Tips.

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You have to have balance. How many times have we heard that?

Sounds easy enough right? But any stressful situation can make it super difficult. Simply put, it can be easy to let yourself go when you are upset. Excessive weight gain or loss is not healthy no matter how you split the calories.

After I got married, I did what a lot of us do when we get comfortable: I put on weight. I got sloppy about what I was putting in my mouth both in terms of quality and quantity. Carbs were my best friend. Looking back, it seemed like every night I would eat takeout pizza, or pasta, or chips and queso and skip the gym more than go to the gym. I felt awful physically and I felt tired. Really tired. Which continued the cycle.

( Need more eating help? Tips to stop raiding your kitchen cabinets!)

After my divorce, I realized that I could not let my eating continue the way it had in the past. Or whenever I was dealing with a stressful situation I wanted to ignore.

I admit, in life after divorce, I had been accused of maintaining a refrigerator comparable to that of a super buys young lawyer in his late twenties. Ketchup, coconut spread, a tub of grated Parmesan cheese (who has time to grate?), and an unopened bottle of Limoncello that someone gave me as a gift, probably circa 2012. And let me tell you, living life without food and starving yourself is every bit as unhealthy as stuffing your stomach with the copious amounts of processed and highly refined carbs, including sugars and starches. This leads to a coma-like state that I have come to know as “Carb Fog.”

These are important points because, many times, when you go back to cooking for one, you start to eat badly because you do what is easy and depend on processed, packaged, and prepared foods full of the worst of the worst carbs. Few of us seriously want to “cook for one” so “cooking” is more like opening a can, calling the local Chinese restaurant, or, worst of all, drinking your dinner with a chaser of Cheese Nips. Whether you are overeating or under eating, the sad fact is it is cheaper and easier to be unhealthy.

study by the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School found that it costs, on average, about $550 more per year to eat a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. That’s $1.50 more per day to eat the good stuff, rather than the cheap, factory-processed, high sugar and starch “foods” filled with twenty-letter-long, multi-syllabic additives, and preservatives. I should also mention that the $550 per year difference doesn’t account for the money saving long-term health benefits. In other words, it costs a lot of money in the long run to eat a poor diet. Good food, as much as anything, is a determining factor in who we are going to be tomorrow and years down the road. Many experts say certain foods can help to slow down the aging process and fights disease. Plus, when you eat well, you look and feel better.

I have found that when I do the following, I have more energy and I sleep better at night.

Quick Eating Tips To Feel Better Fast:
1. Eat more green. Dark, leafy green vegetables top the list.
2. Snack on nuts to stay satisfied and they are good for your heart!
3. Stay away from sugar. Too much shows it can lead to heart disease.
4. Drink lots of water. Add lemon or lime slices to spruce it up. (I even like orange slices)
5. Balance your calories with protein at each meal.


tamsenAbout the AuthorTamsen Fadal is an Emmy award-winning journalist, producer and author who anchors the 5pm and 10pm news at PIX11, Tribune Broadcasting’s flagship station in New York City. Tamsen works to empower women across the country .

Tamsen has co-authored the self-help books, Why Hasn’t He Called? (McGraw Hill); Why Hasn’t He Proposed? (McGraw Hill). Her motivational book, The New Single, is a self-help guide of empowerment after a breakup or divorce. She shares her own experiences and advice for how to find, fix and fall back in love with yourself. The New Single helps women to emerge from a big life change with confidence, grace, and a recipe for self-care. It’s also designed to increase awareness about avoiding toxic repetitive relationship patterns that hold you back from your being your best self.

Forgiveness: 10 Quick Ways to Let Go & Move Forward

Spring is here, a time for renewal and new life. There is no better time to talk about forgiveness and fresh starts. Whether mending relationships, letting go of hurt, or just going a bit easier on ourselves, now is the perfect time to let go of the old and focus on the new. Rebecca Friese Rodskog gives 10 easy tips on forgiving and moving forward.


Ugh……I can’t believe I said that to him.…I screwed up that presentation.…I didn’t work out all week.…I should have called.

Are the voices in your head constantly running down a list of things that you didn’t do quite as well as you were hoping (or what you think others were expecting)?  Then you fall into the great, great category of women who are way too hard on themselves.

You might think this is no big deal – it makes you perform better the next time, right?  Well, no, it does not, and it IS a big deal.  Constantly focusing on the negative buries you in guilt and negativity, and brings more of it your way.  In addition, it actually creates barriers for you to accomplish all that you might have if you had a more positive, supportive attitude.  Also, let us not forget that the state of constant stress you put yourself in by never being “good enough” is a surefire way to do actual harm to you mentally and physically, in ways we are just beginning to understand.

Sadly, it’s become almost fashionable to be self-deprecating.  In a world where performance appraisals focus on the negative/needs to improve more than the “praise” part, we get used to pointing out our faults.  But holding on to the things you did wrong (whether real, semi-real or imagined) can stop you dead in your tracks on any road to success.  It’s like throwing a big anchor on your ankle and trying to run.

Forgiveness is one of the five tenets I discuss with my clients – the others include Love, Gratitude, Communication, and Integrity.

I grew up a (good) Catholic girl, learning that Forgiveness is the key to living a spiritually enlightened life.  However, they never taught us that the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.  Here are 10 quick ways to begin to become aware of what you are saying to yourself, and to letting yourself off the hook once in a while.

10 Quick Ways to LET IT GO

  1. Start tuning in to your thoughts.  Keep a notebook with you and try to write down each negative one you have for a day.  Once you’ve become more aware of your thoughts, try to say it out loud, as if you were talking to yourself at 5 years old.  Hopefully your tone will start to change.
  2. Tell others. Sharing what you are trying to do with friends and significant others will keep you motivated.  Tell them you will give them a dollar for each negative, self-deprecating thing you say about yourself.
  3. Evaluate fairly.  If you are reviewing your performance after something (a presentation, a phone call), go ahead and write out the pros and cons instead of just running through the negative stuff in your head.  For the stuff that you were not happy with, make a mini-improvement plan for the next time and then let it go.  Try to end with the things you did well, like “kept my mouth shut when my co-worker made a stupid comment!”
  4. Work it out. Go on a walk or a run and really listen to your thoughts.  Ask yourself “is this feedback real, or imaginary, or somewhere in between”.  Sometimes we don’t even realize that things we are saying to ourselves.
  5. Talk it out. Talk to your significant other or best friend about something in particular that you’re upset with.  Usually, once said aloud, the thing we are beating ourselves up about becomes much smaller, and your friend may even have a similar story to share which makes you both feel better!
  6. Write a positive list. One way to bring your best to light is to write them down. Start to list of the things that make you awesome (my one client calls it “My Awesomeness”).  When you are having a particularly brutal feedback session with yourself, pull it out and remind yourself of how awesome you are.
  7. Seek support. Reach out to the people who love you. Whether it’s your mom, dad, or someone else who loves you for all your faults.  Try to see yourself through their eyes.
  8. Eat ice cream. I don’t know, it just always makes me feel better.  But then don’t beat yourself up about it, okay?
  9. Laugh.  Fake it at first, and then watch it catch! It is hard to be mean to yourself when you’re laughing!
  10. Forgive.  Forgive yourself for all your blunders, and love yourself because of them.

Self Love: Have It? 3 Steps To Get It.

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Someone recently asked me, “When do you know you love yourself?”

I replied, “You just know.”

The moment I realized I loved myself was at a party with some of my girlfriends. The ladies at the party were part of my addiction-support group. We’d seen each other through all kinds of addictions like drugs, alcohol, relationships, food, you name it. For years, we’d been on a serious journey seeking self-love. Towards the end of the party, the hostess brought out a platter covered with fluffy pink cupcakes. I grabbed one, took a bite, and offered the rest to my friend. My girlfriends stopped and stared in shock.

How the hell can you possibly take only one bite and not want more!,” one said.

Without hesitation, I replied, “I love myself too much to eat the whole thing.” There, I realized my self-love.

I didn’t love myself overnight. I’d spent years avoiding my true feelings and the issues I’d acquired throughout my life. Through a serious dedication to change, I resurrected my relationship with myself.

How did I get here? The answer is simple. I showed up! One day at a time I showed up for my inner journey. Each day, I added new tools, meditated longer, prayed more and changed my mind. And, I continue showing up everyday. I continuously add new layers of love to the miraculous relationship with the woman that is me.

If you’re ready to put down that cupcake and love yourself, you can start showing up today. The first step is to be willing. With the slightest willingness, you will receive guidance to move forward. Begin now, by saying out loud, I am willing to love myself, today. For the next thirty days, recite this affirmation. Post it on your wall, your mirror and by your desk. Put it everywhere. Make the daily commitment to be willing to love yourself. By simply setting this intention, you are one step closer to self-love.

Second, get clear about how you’ve been un-loving towards yourself. Are you possibly overeating, drinking too much, staying in a bad relationship, reciting negative mantras in your head? Make a list of all the ways you’ve mistreated yourself. Carefully, look at the list and ask, Would I treat someone I love that way? Each time you act in a self-loathing way ask yourself that question. By calling yourself out, you witness your negative behavior and stop identifying with it. In the instant that you choose love over negativity, you create a shift and get one step closer to self-love.

Lastly, simply just hang with yourself. Once a day, spend ten minutes quiet and alone. Turn off your phone, stop tweeting and start chilling. Listen to your thoughts and check in with your body. Simply be aware of what your inner guide (~ing) is saying to you. When I practice this exercise, I hear awesome stuff. For instance, today I heard my ~ing say, “Go lie down for an hour and rest. You need it!” Had I not stopped to take the time to check in with my ~ing, I’d have never heard what I truly needed. Slow down and listen to the voice of your inner guide. This will get you one more step closer to self-love.

These three steps are a great start to any self-love journey. Be willing to affirm your desire and slow down enough to listen to the loving voice of your inner guide. One day at a time, you’ll get closer to the most rockin’ relationship with yourself.

Anyone who knows me has seen the ring I wear on my left hand. It is the ILoveMe ring which acts as a gentle reminder to love myself and others. My dear friend Arielle Feirman designed this ring and named it with me during a meditation. Check it out:

 Gabrielle is the New York Times best-selling author of May Cause Miracles. She appears regularly as an expert on NBC’s Today Show, has been featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as a next-generation thought leader, and was named “a new role model” by the New York Times. She is also the author of the books Add More ~ing to Your LifeSpirit Junkie and the forthcoming book Miracles Now (published in April 2014). Gabrielle is also the founder, a social networking site for women to inspire, empower and connect.

Redesign Your Life

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colored pencils I was speaking with a client the other day, and she was overwhelmed. She said she comes home from work, and her mind is still racing with news headlines, work overload, and day-to-day tasks. Simply put, she could not relax. I’m sure you can relate!! I think every one of us, no matter what phase of life we are in, is busy with lots to do and lots on our minds! Whether working inside or outside of the home, with children or without, married, single, man, woman, busyness has become standard in the fast-paced, always connected world we’re in!

Believe it or not, busyness can be fun, too, if you learn to embrace it, and find your own sense of balance! Since we spend so much time at home, positive energy and balance can easily begin there, just by creating your ideal living space to fit your budget. Being positive will open the door to amazing things, so follow these simple tips to “redesign” your life!!

Set the Stage First things first, go through your surroundings and take inventory! Is there a room that you aren’t crazy about? wallpaper that’s screaming 2 decades ago? a light bulb that just doesn’t seem bright enough, or maybe a bit too bright? It doesn’t cost much to slap on a coat of paint, or replace bulbs and batteries for a fresh, updated look, and you’ll feel so much better! And, if design isn’t your thing, flip through a magazine to find a picture if a room you’ll love. Recreate the look yourself, and you’ll save tons!

Choose Colors Carefully Keep in mind colors affect us more than we think! Pick colors that are conducive to what you want your space to be. If you want a serene room, stray away from red! Red is an energizer and may even stimulate your appetite! Greens are calming colors, perfect for a spa-inspired setting. Or, if you want a cross between calm and amped up, choose a shade of blue!

Tackle Your To-Do List We all have mental to-do lists, but now’s the time to put it on paper and check it off! Make a list of the things that have been on your mind, like organizing a closet, filing cabinet, or drawer. Tackle the items one by one. Clearing clutter clears your head, too!

Store No More! Our closets, garages, and basements are havens for hidden treasures we may have written off too soon! You can go green and save green by refurbishing old furniture (it’s amazing what furniture treatment and new hardware can do!), using old clothes to cover pillows, pocketbooks, or accent your windows! Get creative, and you can design a whole new space with items you already own!

Organize to Organize If you’re trying to get organized, it may be overwhelming at first. Start simply by getting 3 bins together: “Use, Donate, Shred.”

Items in the “Use” bin should be put to use now! Donate unwanted items by picking an organization of your choice. Many even offer free same-day pick up services, as long as you pick up the phone to call them!! The only items we should be tossing are paper such as non-essential paperwork. Shred private information and recycle it!

Article By Jennifer Tuma-Young

Instant Mood Boosters for the Winter Blues

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winter blues

So, it’s cold and wintery here in the big city. And, I know this time of year can be tough- the holidays are well over, the bills are now coming in, the days shorter…I get it. But, I actually love this time of year because it means wearing comfy slippers, sitting by a crackling fire and cuddling to keep warm. There is always a bright side if we look for it.  Here are 3 more instant mood boosters to kick the winter blues to the curb…

Tip #1 : Get Moving & Have Some Fun

When we take ourselves too seriously, we can end up in a rut. In the winter, it’s easier to drift into depression, because it’s colder and days are shorter. But, there’s so many fun things that come with cold, ice, and snow, so take advantage of them! Build a fire, and read firside stories, or look at family photos. Go ice skating, even if you’ve never done it! Wear padding and fall with the best of ‘em.  Use the snow for a snowball packing party, making snow angels.

Often when I find myself moving toward a funk, I do something super-silly to get myself out of it. So, jump up and down, sing loud in the shower, do a tumble salt! Just make it a point to do something fun and take advantage of the season, instead of drowning in darkness!

Exercise also is a great remedy. It releases endorphins, lifting our mood and instantly making us feel better. Not to mention that done regularly, exercise increases our  strength, self confidence and physical and mental health.

Tip #2: Make Your Home a Little Brighter

If the darkness is bringing you down, simply add more light to your space by changing your lightbulbs! Go green by switching them out with energy-efficient ones, and you’ll feel better just by turning on a brighter light. Make sure that your blinds are letting natural light in, and, if the walls are covered in old wallpaper or paint that just isn’t your style, this is a great time to tear it down and put on a fresh coat of a nice light-reflecting color! You can also simply brighten up your space by adding accessories that sparkle. Winter is the perfect time of year for using “crystal” accessories because they add an “ice” effect. You can even replace a light fixture, add pillows that pop, picture frames that glitter.

Tip #3: Warm Water with Lemon Works Wonders

If you’re feeling like you’ve added some pounds over the holidays, you are not alone!! The average American gains 7-12 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years alone. So, flush out the toxins with a cleansing drink!! I love this, because it’s not about deprivation it’s about adding something in! Just by adding warm water with lemon to your daily intake (8-8oz. glasses) you can easily lose 5 pounds of trapped bloat and flush out fat and toxins in just couple of weeks!

 Photo: Flickr

Does Your Libido Need A Boost?

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libido boost

Being a holistic health counselor means I discuss many aspects of my clients lives, including….  yes, you guessed it, their personal lives. Erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million American men according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, and 43 percent of women have reported some sexual dissatisfaction, including low desire. There are many factors that can “turn off” our sexual appetite such as stress, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, anger and  worry.

Many times a low libido for both men and women can be helped by simply exercising.  Yes, exercise increases our circulation by pumping blood and oxygen through our bodies and releasing “endorphins” or feel food chemicals.  Certain yoga postures (shoulder stand for men and butterfly pose for women) done before sex are known to be fantastic enhancers.

Believe it or not there are several foods (besides oysters) which can also possibly increase your sexual appetite.
1. Almonds – loaded with omega-3’s which can help our brains function better.
2. Avocados – also contain omega-3 fatty acids, plus there texture can be quite sensual.
3. Celery – contains a small amount of androsterone (male hormone thought to arouse women).
4. Chocolate – It is true, the way to a lover’s heart is through chocolate.  It contains phenylethylalamine ( a chemical that is increased when we are in love).  Just make sure it is at least 65% cacao.
5. Figs – high in amino acids and thought to increase sexual stamina, maybe because they also can be seen as sensual.
6. Folic Acid – foods rich in it such as organ meats, asparagus, egg yolks and whole-grains have been considered aphrodisiacs.
7. Ginseng- stimulate the adrenal cortex which is where male sexual hormones are produced.
8. Nutmeg – according to Daniel Amen, MD, author of Sex on the Brain, nutmeg is used in Indian medicine for enhancing desire.
9. Oysters – high in zinc, which is associated with male sexual levels.  Maybe Casanova was onto something, eating 50 oysters a day for dinner.

I mentioned figs and avocados are sensual foods because of their texture.  Bananas, carrots and asparagus could also be considered sensual.   You might want to avoid heavy meals, such as pasta or fried foods) and lean more towards lean meats and vegetables. If you are looking for non-food ways to set the mood try some scented oils or candles.  If it’s food you crave, use a food scented candle such as vanilla or pumpkin pie. Sometimes all you need is a romantic gesture or special place to increase your sexual appetite. There are many ways to light your sexual fire: sensual, romantic, chemical or energetic.  Just remember to relax, exercise, have fun and incorporate some of these libido boosters into your life!

MomStyle: 5 Ways To Beat The Cold With The Kids In NYC

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So, it’s FREEZING here in NYC again, and that means no braving it on the playground. Having the temps drop means having to figure out indoor spots to entertain the littles. There are always the great standbys like The Museum of Natural History and Children’s Museum of Manhattan, but here are a few of my neighborhood favorites (& ways to save when visiting).

childrens museum of art nyc

CMA- The Children’s Museum of Art offers classes and activities for children of all ages. Kids can paint, color, play in their bouncy ball gym and enjoy creative art exhibits.  Thursday afternoons are “pay as you wish” and a perfect opportunity to visit and check out the offerings.

Karma Kids Yoga: I LOVE my yoga and Karma Kids has the most offerings for the little ones. With two studios centrally located not far from Union Square, they offer kids yoga and dance classes, mommy & me and pre-natal classes, and fun events and themed classes  like Shark Yoga  and Pajama Glow-In-The-Dark Yoga.  They also have a great FREE story time twice a week and discounted community classes.

Integral Yoga: Another great yoga class for kids. Instructor Lakshmi Pidel takes toddlers (and moms) through simple poses using singing, music and props to enliven the experience. Classes are 45 minutes and just under $20. You can also try it out for FREE (first timers only), and the studio is included in my favorite yogi money saving resource, the Yoga Passbook, so you can access two more classes using that.

NY Public Library: The NYPL offers a variety of toddler and baby classes and story times. The Hudson Park branch used to be our go-to (they had a great big play area with lots of toys), but they  are closed for renovations until spring (hmgh) so we’ve been heading over to Jefferson Market for story time which is a fun hour of stories and crafts. Libraries throughout the city are a great FREE resource and programs are offered throughout the year.

YMCA: I wish I had known all the great stuff the Y offers sooner! They have programs for kids– from swim to dance to pre-school prep classes, all at a very competitive price– in fact cheaper than anywhere else around the city. You can sign up for classes alone (most require commitment for a term), or join as a member and take advantage of the gym, pool and other amenities. My local Y is super nice with state of the art work out equipment, group fitness classes and (most importantly) Child Watch services that allow parents to drop off their little ones to be watched while they work out…for free.


mommy logoa & film

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How To ACTually Make Your Desires Reality

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actualize reality

So we’re nearly one month into the new year…how are you doing on those resolutions? Bottom line is about 90% of all resolutions fail, so perhaps it’s time to try something new this year. “Act as if” your goal has already happened instead! Instead of saying what you “will” do in 2014 – you will switch careers, you will lose weight, you will fall in love – visualize and EMBODY what you “will” look, feel and act like when these dreams come true! How will you carry yourself when you are healthier and love your body? How will you feel when you’re blissfully in love? What will you need to do to own to do this new career?

This week, I bought hot pink PurposeGirl sharpie markers to do book signings – acting as if my book is already published and I’m on tour! Years ago, I was still in corporate marketing, but I set on path to my dreams of being in the media by buying a fabulous dress for the Emmy’s! I’m not yet up for an Emmy, but, I’m on my way with my new Dr. Oz work and on my regular work on Sirius Radio. Buying that dress set me in motion toward my dream of inspiring millions! And this has helped my friends and clients too! One client said she was working toward a career in museums and found herself connected to top folks in the industry. After giving her this tip, one of my friends introduced herself as a personal shopper (instead of a lawyer) at a networking event and the next thing you know, she has new business cards.

Watch this week’s PurposeFull message to ACTUALIZE YOUR DESIRES!


It may sound crazy, but acting as if the dream has already happened begins to create the path to actualizing our dreams because you are creating neural pathways that begin to believe that the dream has already occurred. Acting as if sets you in motion to greater and greater action! Plus, by acting as if, you tell the Universe that you’re ready for the next step.

So, how can you “act as if” to make your dreams come true? Watch this week’s PurposeFULL message for more tips and WHY “acting as if” is SO important!

I’m ready for a big 2014 – and acting as if it’s already happened! First step for me – actualize the luxury vacation I need! I’m off to Turks & Caicos tomorrow!! While I’m away, I hope you live purposefully, love yourself and love life! Here’s to YOUR success!

Happy actualizing, my friend!

2012_09_25_CarinRockind_484Carin Rockind (aka “PurposeGirl”) is the Woman’s Positive Psychologist. She is a life and career coach, motivational speaker and author. Her philosophy is simple: we each have a unique purpose on earth and we’d be happier if we were living it! As one of only 250 people in the world with her masters degree in Positive Psychology, the scientific study of happiness from Penn, her work is grounded in science yet fueled by love, spirit and lots of crazy life experiences. For more, check out

If You Vision It, It Will Come

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If one more loon tells me they have a vision board, I might lose it. Everyone and their best friend’s brother has one, it seems. Umm. Including me.

I signed up for a visioning workshop this past weekend put on by Kristina Leonardi, one of my favorite career coaches. I’m guilty; I’ll admit I like the idea of vision boards. If you can see it, you can believe it, right? And as soon as you believe, you can begin manifesting those visions. You’ve read or heard about The Secret; you know the drill.

Kristina’s workshop was based on the book Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams by Lucia Capacchione. Here’s how it worked. About 17 women gathered in a space, each equipped with bunches of magazines, tags, scissors and glue sticks. For about an hour, we sifted though O Magazine, Self, Cosmo, Yoga Journal, cutting out every image that grabbed our attention. In silence, no less, with instructions not to over think it too much. A hard task, especially for us ladies.

Kristina insisted we use our right brains instead of our left. She explained that we use our right brain for our intuition and creativity, but our left brain is analytical, practical and used mostly for survival. In our city, we overuse our left brain and give it way too much power.

So there I was, flipping through mags and squinting my right eye in an attempt to squeeze something out of my right brain. I must have looked pretty awkward, but nobody was about to comment in a room of silent women, so what did I care?

At the end of our day, everyone presented their collages. Mine looked pretty serene in comparison to the others. But, then again, I am looking for peace of mind; isn’t that what this blog is about? I cut and pasted a lot of greenery, lovely homes surrounded by lush nature, anything and everything yoga, and empowering statements like Be 100% You! I also couldn’t resist an image of a bride in front of a hot dog stand, getting proposed to with a hot dog! Don’t ask what that means!

I’m supposed to look at my board every day and wait for something to happen. “If you can dream it, you can do it!” Kristina wrote on our take-home flyers. “Your collage serves as a motivational magnet. Pay attention to clues and opportunities, and take action based on vision. The courage to grow is noticed by the Universe.”

OK, then. Here I go. My vision board is propped up on my armoire so that it’s the first thing I see when I wake. I’ll just have to hide it when guests come over, because I cannot have them thinking I’m one of those sweet loons!

It’s strange, though. Ever since the workshop, I’ve been really craving hot dogs.

Top Photo: Flickr

Check out Ilana’s blog, Downtown Dharma for more zen tips in the big city.

Love In The City: Dating Dos & Don’ts

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I came across a cool blog called, Hilarity in Shoes. It’s written by a single 36 year-old girl who’s tag line is: ”Voice of a slightly bitter generation. Dating, mating, relating, and medicating in D.C.” Hysterical, I thought. It reminded me of myself a few years ago — the neurotic dater, never happy with any guy I dated. Now I’m the neurotic girl in a relationship at times, but that’s another story for another blog.

I recently had lunch with a friend who is in her early forties and got married just a few months ago. A couple years ago, we would meet every week and read through the book, “Calling in the One” together. Over coffee and sushi we both worked through our “issues” and eventually attracted good men in this city. At our lunch, we reminisced about how many walls we had up and attitudes we carried around with us as we dated.

Many single girls go up to my friend now and ask her, “How did you finally get married at 40?!” “What magic did you pull out of your skinny jeans?” Of course, we both have many lessons to share! Here are a few:

Don’t Think You Know it All: Stay open and present on your first date or two. Don’t assume you know EVERYTHING about the guy, just because he’s a banker or teacher and does that thing with his hands. Don’t peg him into a category– you will just cut yourself off from possibilities. Instead, let him show you who he really is and surprise you! Stay open. No one is always what they seem — especially on the first few dates!

Don’t Lie to Yourself: Many girls say they want to be in a good relationship, yet they keep dating the guy who is ready to run for the hills at any moment. You know, the guy who says he’s going to call, but doesn’t. The guy who tells you you’re really hot, but isn’t ready for a real relationship, and god forbid, marriage! You obviously don’t really want a relationship yourself if you’re dating the unavailable guy so get real and honest.

It’s All About You: The only real relationship is the one with yourself. Treat yourself how you want to be treated. You come first. Everything starts with you. How many different ways can I say this? The guy is just a mirror, showing you how you really feel about yourself. Perfect the relationship with yourself (or get as close as possible) and find happiness on your own, then it can bleed into your relationship. Clean your side of the street first!

Dating is a fine art in NYC. As much as I love Hilary’s blog, don’t get stuck in the negative chatter. There are great men in this city. You can find love at any age. Everything is possible! Say that fives time fast, 20 times a day and you won’t need the medication. Though a little bourbon every now and then doesn’t hurt.

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Ilana Arazie is a documentary filmmaker, video producer and blogger. She blogs weekly at her own, which is featured on The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Arazie is known for keeping a video camera on her person at all times – sometimes in the strangest places – in order to capture footage for her syndicated inquisitive video series, Downtown Diary. Her stories have been featured on the Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times, Travel Channel, Gawker, Yahoo and other media outlets. She lives in peace in NYC.



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