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Sick Of Eating For One? A Simple Strategy & 5 Healthy Tips.

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You have to have balance. How many times have we heard that?

Sounds easy enough right? But any stressful situation can make it super difficult. Simply put, it can be easy to let yourself go when you are upset. Excessive weight gain or loss is not healthy no matter how you split the calories.

After I got married, I did what a lot of us do when we get comfortable: I put on weight. I got sloppy about what I was putting in my mouth both in terms of quality and quantity. Carbs were my best friend. Looking back, it seemed like every night I would eat takeout pizza, or pasta, or chips and queso and skip the gym more than go to the gym. I felt awful physically and I felt tired. Really tired. Which continued the cycle.

( Need more eating help? Tips to stop raiding your kitchen cabinets!)

After my divorce, I realized that I could not let my eating continue the way it had in the past. Or whenever I was dealing with a stressful situation I wanted to ignore.

I admit, in life after divorce, I had been accused of maintaining a refrigerator comparable to that of a super buys young lawyer in his late twenties. Ketchup, coconut spread, a tub of grated Parmesan cheese (who has time to grate?), and an unopened bottle of Limoncello that someone gave me as a gift, probably circa 2012. And let me tell you, living life without food and starving yourself is every bit as unhealthy as stuffing your stomach with the copious amounts of processed and highly refined carbs, including sugars and starches. This leads to a coma-like state that I have come to know as “Carb Fog.”

These are important points because, many times, when you go back to cooking for one, you start to eat badly because you do what is easy and depend on processed, packaged, and prepared foods full of the worst of the worst carbs. Few of us seriously want to “cook for one” so “cooking” is more like opening a can, calling the local Chinese restaurant, or, worst of all, drinking your dinner with a chaser of Cheese Nips. Whether you are overeating or under eating, the sad fact is it is cheaper and easier to be unhealthy.

study by the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School found that it costs, on average, about $550 more per year to eat a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. That’s $1.50 more per day to eat the good stuff, rather than the cheap, factory-processed, high sugar and starch “foods” filled with twenty-letter-long, multi-syllabic additives, and preservatives. I should also mention that the $550 per year difference doesn’t account for the money saving long-term health benefits. In other words, it costs a lot of money in the long run to eat a poor diet. Good food, as much as anything, is a determining factor in who we are going to be tomorrow and years down the road. Many experts say certain foods can help to slow down the aging process and fights disease. Plus, when you eat well, you look and feel better.

I have found that when I do the following, I have more energy and I sleep better at night.

Quick Eating Tips To Feel Better Fast:
1. Eat more green. Dark, leafy green vegetables top the list.
2. Snack on nuts to stay satisfied and they are good for your heart!
3. Stay away from sugar. Too much shows it can lead to heart disease.
4. Drink lots of water. Add lemon or lime slices to spruce it up. (I even like orange slices)
5. Balance your calories with protein at each meal.


tamsenAbout the AuthorTamsen Fadal is an Emmy award-winning journalist, producer and author who anchors the 5pm and 10pm news at PIX11, Tribune Broadcasting’s flagship station in New York City. Tamsen works to empower women across the country .

Tamsen has co-authored the self-help books, Why Hasn’t He Called? (McGraw Hill); Why Hasn’t He Proposed? (McGraw Hill). Her motivational book, The New Single, is a self-help guide of empowerment after a breakup or divorce. She shares her own experiences and advice for how to find, fix and fall back in love with yourself. The New Single helps women to emerge from a big life change with confidence, grace, and a recipe for self-care. It’s also designed to increase awareness about avoiding toxic repetitive relationship patterns that hold you back from your being your best self.

Does Your Libido Need A Boost?

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libido boost

Being a holistic health counselor means I discuss many aspects of my clients lives, including….  yes, you guessed it, their personal lives. Erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million American men according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, and 43 percent of women have reported some sexual dissatisfaction, including low desire. There are many factors that can “turn off” our sexual appetite such as stress, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, anger and  worry.

Many times a low libido for both men and women can be helped by simply exercising.  Yes, exercise increases our circulation by pumping blood and oxygen through our bodies and releasing “endorphins” or feel food chemicals.  Certain yoga postures (shoulder stand for men and butterfly pose for women) done before sex are known to be fantastic enhancers.

Believe it or not there are several foods (besides oysters) which can also possibly increase your sexual appetite.
1. Almonds – loaded with omega-3’s which can help our brains function better.
2. Avocados – also contain omega-3 fatty acids, plus there texture can be quite sensual.
3. Celery – contains a small amount of androsterone (male hormone thought to arouse women).
4. Chocolate – It is true, the way to a lover’s heart is through chocolate.  It contains phenylethylalamine ( a chemical that is increased when we are in love).  Just make sure it is at least 65% cacao.
5. Figs – high in amino acids and thought to increase sexual stamina, maybe because they also can be seen as sensual.
6. Folic Acid – foods rich in it such as organ meats, asparagus, egg yolks and whole-grains have been considered aphrodisiacs.
7. Ginseng- stimulate the adrenal cortex which is where male sexual hormones are produced.
8. Nutmeg – according to Daniel Amen, MD, author of Sex on the Brain, nutmeg is used in Indian medicine for enhancing desire.
9. Oysters – high in zinc, which is associated with male sexual levels.  Maybe Casanova was onto something, eating 50 oysters a day for dinner.

I mentioned figs and avocados are sensual foods because of their texture.  Bananas, carrots and asparagus could also be considered sensual.   You might want to avoid heavy meals, such as pasta or fried foods) and lean more towards lean meats and vegetables. If you are looking for non-food ways to set the mood try some scented oils or candles.  If it’s food you crave, use a food scented candle such as vanilla or pumpkin pie. Sometimes all you need is a romantic gesture or special place to increase your sexual appetite. There are many ways to light your sexual fire: sensual, romantic, chemical or energetic.  Just remember to relax, exercise, have fun and incorporate some of these libido boosters into your life!

Love In The City: Dating Dos & Don’ts

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I came across a cool blog called, Hilarity in Shoes. It’s written by a single 36 year-old girl who’s tag line is: ”Voice of a slightly bitter generation. Dating, mating, relating, and medicating in D.C.” Hysterical, I thought. It reminded me of myself a few years ago — the neurotic dater, never happy with any guy I dated. Now I’m the neurotic girl in a relationship at times, but that’s another story for another blog.

I recently had lunch with a friend who is in her early forties and got married just a few months ago. A couple years ago, we would meet every week and read through the book, “Calling in the One” together. Over coffee and sushi we both worked through our “issues” and eventually attracted good men in this city. At our lunch, we reminisced about how many walls we had up and attitudes we carried around with us as we dated.

Many single girls go up to my friend now and ask her, “How did you finally get married at 40?!” “What magic did you pull out of your skinny jeans?” Of course, we both have many lessons to share! Here are a few:

Don’t Think You Know it All: Stay open and present on your first date or two. Don’t assume you know EVERYTHING about the guy, just because he’s a banker or teacher and does that thing with his hands. Don’t peg him into a category– you will just cut yourself off from possibilities. Instead, let him show you who he really is and surprise you! Stay open. No one is always what they seem — especially on the first few dates!

Don’t Lie to Yourself: Many girls say they want to be in a good relationship, yet they keep dating the guy who is ready to run for the hills at any moment. You know, the guy who says he’s going to call, but doesn’t. The guy who tells you you’re really hot, but isn’t ready for a real relationship, and god forbid, marriage! You obviously don’t really want a relationship yourself if you’re dating the unavailable guy so get real and honest.

It’s All About You: The only real relationship is the one with yourself. Treat yourself how you want to be treated. You come first. Everything starts with you. How many different ways can I say this? The guy is just a mirror, showing you how you really feel about yourself. Perfect the relationship with yourself (or get as close as possible) and find happiness on your own, then it can bleed into your relationship. Clean your side of the street first!

Dating is a fine art in NYC. As much as I love Hilary’s blog, don’t get stuck in the negative chatter. There are great men in this city. You can find love at any age. Everything is possible! Say that fives time fast, 20 times a day and you won’t need the medication. Though a little bourbon every now and then doesn’t hurt.

Top Photo: Flickr

About the author:

Ilana Arazie is a documentary filmmaker, video producer and blogger. She blogs weekly at her own, which is featured on The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Arazie is known for keeping a video camera on her person at all times – sometimes in the strangest places – in order to capture footage for her syndicated inquisitive video series, Downtown Diary. Her stories have been featured on the Associated Press, Chicago Sun-Times, Travel Channel, Gawker, Yahoo and other media outlets. She lives in peace in NYC.

Beyond Aphrodisiacs: 5 Food Strategies for a Better Love Life

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Is there a magic food to rev up your libido?

We’ve all heard of aphrodisiacs – which are wonderful and very powerful – but if certain other aspects of your diet and endocrine system are not balanced, chances are you won’t feel a thing just from eating oysters.

So what foods can boost your libido and improve your love life?

Foods that support your adrenals and rev up your libido are those that keep your blood sugar balanced, your mood stabilized, and your cortisol levels low, while naturally upping DHEA production.

If these factors aren’t in place, you are probably feeling tired, depressed, foggy-headed, having difficulty sleeping, getting frequent colds, or some combination of them. Not only from a nutritional perspective will this weaken your sex drive, but also from an emotional perspective – you just won’t have the capacity to thrive.

So get started on the road to better health and a better love life.

Here are the 5 food strategies you MUST know about!

  1. Switch to decaf – Caffeine first thing in the morning will zap the life out of your adrenals, leaving you even more tired at that 3 or 4pm lull. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, start by switching to decaf or green tea, then eventually switch over to herbal teas.
  2. Skip the salad at lunch– That’s right! Contrary to popular belief that salads at lunch are the healthy way to go, depriving your body of a whole grain carbohydrate source at lunchtime will bring on sweet cravings later in the day and disturb your blood sugar balance. So throw some brown rice into your salad bowl, or eat a sandwich or sushi rolls.
  3. Take shortcuts with your snacks – Instead of mindlessly munching Cheerios or fruit snacks with your kids, keep balanced snacks around for yourself. Always have on hand protein sources like: organic sliced turkey breast (which provides the building blocks for mood stabilization), whole hard boiled eggs, canned salmon and sardines (skip the tuna! Too much mercury and not enough EFAs). Whole grain quick fixes include: Mary’s Gone Crackers and precooked brown rice bowls from Trader Joes. And don’t forget about sliced veggies with peanut butter or hummus!
  4. Nourish your adrenal glands with supportive foods – Load up on sea vegetables (nori, hijiki, dulse, kelp – which come in flakes that you can easily sprinkle onto your food), black sesame seeds, black and kidney beans. These foods work to nourish your tired adrenals.
  5. Get in your Essential Fatty Acids – Especially if you’re breast feeding, your body can be starved of the EFAs, essential for mood stabilization. If you can’t get in things like avocado, salmon, nuts and seeds, then take a fish oil or flax oil supplement.

Top Photo: Flickr

Bride To Be? Look Fabulous In Your Wedding Dress Without The Diet

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So, you’ve gotten engaged? While bliss & happiness should be the overwhelming emotion, too often stress, anxiety & crazzzzzziness follow as venue seeking, invitations, & finding the perfect dress become top priority. Not to mention all the calorie couting, dieting, and deprivation to ensure we actually LOOK perfect in that perfect dress. Well, imagine there was was a way to look and feel fabulous in that dress without all of the diet nonsense? Well the ladies over at Bon Appetit Bride have figured out a way to eat the foods you love, and cook yourself thin for your wedding day!

4 Secrets To How You Can Have Your Cake, And Eat It Too!

#1 Focusing on looking “thin and perfect for one day” will set you up to fail.
Our culture and our peers put a lot of pressure on us to be the “perfect” bride.  Naturally we focus all of our energy on losing weight so we look good for just one day, but what happens is that we adopt weight loss tactics that we can’t stick to for more than a week!  If we are successful in losing 20 pounds for the wedding by depriving and torturing ourselves, we’re guaranteed to gain it back on the honeymoon.  Instead of asking yourself “What do I want to looking like on my wedding day?” ask yourself, “What kind of woman do I want to be when I am married?”  Focus on changing your lifestyle habits slowly, so they will become a natural part of your everyday life.  That way when you show up on your wedding day, you have made healthy changes to your life and body that will last you a lifetime.

#2 The key to cooking healthy foods in a time crunch is learning to cook basic meals with clever swap-outs.
Pizza has a bad rap, but with the right ingredients it’s a quick and easy meal that doesn’t have to overload you.  Instead of gobs of mozzarella cheese, try just a little grate on a micro plane (fine grate) with hard robust cheeses like: Gruyere, Parmesan or Manchego cheese. Swap out processed meat like pepperoni, for unprocessed meat like organic chicken. If you love pasta, then roast up some spaghetti squash and go to town on that bad boy! Spaghetti squash is to die for with nutmeg, cinnamon and olive oil.  To make any old meal taste decadent, learn to use spices like smoked paprika, herbed lemon pepper, granulated garlic, ginger and dried herbs like basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary.  It really bumps up the flavor of any dish, without any extra fat!

#3 Trying to have the perfect diet 100% of the time is the best way to gain weight.
Naturally, as brides we think that in order to lose the maximum amount of weight for the wedding, we need to be “perfect” 100% of the time.  But the reality is that when we strive for perfection in every bite we are setting ourselves up for a major overeating fest.  When you take one bite of something “bad”, you start on the familiar rant of “I broke-down, I’m a failure, I’m never going to lose weight!”  You think you might as well keep eating since you messed up anyways, plus you are feeling so low that you eat to sooth yourself.  If you just strive to eat a healthy diet 80% of the time, then you are much less likely to get completely de-railed and your overall diet will be more nutritious.  The reality is that an amazing cookie here or there or decadent ice cream once in a while is absolutely no big deal in the grand scheme of a healthy diet.  Enjoy those foods with guiltless pleasure knowing that your 80% plan is the best way to support your weight loss goal

#4 Taking things one day at a time is the best recipe for success.
Just like learning to ride your bike when you were a kid, you will fall, or as we say in diet-land, fall off the wagon. But that is one hundred percent normal and expected! Take one right action everyday, and if find your flailing, dust your self off and get right back up again.  They key is to take baby steps, and start with the easy stuff like: making a grocery list and sticking to it, cook a few times a week with your fiancé, add in one more day a week of working out, drink plenty of water, go to bed one hour earlier, and most importantly have a positive attitude.  All the small right actions will add up to big change and will set up to be a radiant, confident breathtaking bride.

About Bon Appetit Bride

Sarah Jenks, nutrition coach, emotional eating expert and founder of the Breathtaking bride, and Candice Kumai Healthy Lifestyle Chef, Food TV host and founder of are the women behind Bon Appétit Bride, 6-week course combining cooking instruction and nutrition coaching to help brides become a master in the kitchen and a knock out in your wedding dress.  For more information  and to reserve your spot for the November 8th course please visit

Is He Ready For A Break Up? Signs That He Might Be.

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Are you starting to question if your relationship is going to last? Tamsen and Matt break down whether your guy is ready for splitsville. Take a look at the video below to see what signs he might be sending to signal he’s ready to break up!

Do you have a relationship question for Tamsen? Ask it here!

Can’t see the video, watch it here.

break up

photo: Flickr

How to be a Zen Dater

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There are about a million dating rule books out there, but I wonder if they really have the answers. Why is something as simple as “guy meets girl, guy and girl fall in love and then overspend on their wedding” so complicated?

Maybe a more spiritual approach to courtship can enlighten our social lives. It’s worked for Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, right? They don’t seem like they have a problem meeting women.

I came across the book, Let Love In: Open Your Heart and Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner, and spoke with author Debra Berndt to discover a more spiritual way of finding and keeping a partner. Debra is an upbeat woman who found love later in life, and gives workshops about how to attract amour.

Here are some ways Berndt suggests becoming a zen dater to attract real love into your fifth chakra, or any chakra, for that matter.

1. Look Into the Mirror

Every relationship in your life is a reflection of you. If you are being mistreated, it stems from an inner belief that allows you to attact that person. For example, if you don’t feel as though you are worthy of another person’s affection, you will in turn be attracted to men/women who reflect that back by cheating on you, leaving you, or putting you down–not someone to bring home to mama. Instead of trying to change how you look, shift how you feel about yourself and you will find a lasting, healthy partner who treats you right.

2. Practice Gratitude

If you don’t love your life right now, why would someone in his or her right mind want to share it with you? Be grateful for what you have. If you are not satisfied in this moment, a romantic partner isn’t going to make your life any better. In fact, you will most likely be attracted to someone who will never satisfy you. Karma is no joke! First, get happy on your own, and remember: Life is a pickle just as it is.

3. Get in the Moment

Appreciate the person you are on a date with and be in the present. Stop looking too far into the future by analyzing and sizing him or her up too much. Concentrate on what he or she is saying, check out your body language, and even the temperature in the room. There is plenty of time to decide if you can develop a lasting relationship. Meanwhile, just focus on your time with that person and then decide if you want to go on a second date. Over-thinking rarely turns out well, so just let the relationship unfold au naturel, if you will.

4. Be Free of Attachment

If your happiness is based on another person’s opinion or approval, you will always feel powerless. Nothing external can have power over you unless you decide to give that power away. If your date doesn’t call, just let it go and move on to find a better match. Okay; easier said that done. But think about it: Why would you want someone who doesn’t want you, anyway? Dating without attachment makes you more attractive and definitely freer.

5. Be Authentic

Whether you like it or not, we are all connected on a deeper level. Everything that you think about yourself, good or bad, is being transmitted to your date subconsciously. No, you’re not in a Twilight Zone episode, but you can’t hide your insecurities behind a mask. Poor self-esteem will eventually come through in your relationship. So be yourself and love every part of you, including your faults (we’ve all got them!). Soon you will attract someone who adores you unconditionally.

Read tips 6-8 on Downtown Dharma here!

Don’t Speak To Improve Communication

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We all want to be in a relationship. Finding the right mix of characteristics in another person and feeling a mutual spark will mean no more wading through scores of singles that don’t even speak our language. When we find that person who just “gets” us, the whole dating thing will finally be easy and rewarding. Right?

If only. Instead, it’s when we find that someone special that the real work begins!

In between cuddling, breakfasts in bed and Netflix & Chinese food evenings come petty arguments, frustrations and the gradual building of those oh-so-fun resentments.

The funny thing is that when you talk to other couples that have been together for years, they reassure you that those feelings are normal. They roll their eyes, slap you on the arm and say, “Of course we fight and find each other annoying!”

Really? I guess I missed that memo while growing up watching Cinderella and dreaming of prince charming. And by growing up, I mean ‘til my mid 30s.

My couple friends also assured me that in time, you learn how to fight, become more comfortable living together and your relationship gets easier and, if you’re lucky, deeper.

A friend recommended the book The Relationship Handbook by George S. Pransky and claimed it was the single best book for handling your relationship conflicts.

Pransky actually encourages couples NOT to communicate when they are down and out and feeling negative. He swears that not focusing on an issue often is the best way to move toward a resolution. In other words, remember your mother’s rebuke: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I hate it when she’s right.

“Communication is a pipe through which feelings pass,” Pransky writes. “If the feelings are positive, the relationship will be uplifted. If they are negative, the couple’s level of closeness will drop. In a relationship, then, the quality of the feelings that passes through the communication pipe determines the state of that union. What brings new closeness and goodwill to a relationship is more positive feelings – not more talk.”

He claims that when you’re actually in a good mood and feeling good about yourself, your issues with your mate won’t seem that important.

“When people are insecure, what they want and don’t want feels a lot more compelling to them,” he continues. “But when our spirits are high, we’re more understanding. We can see both sides more easily. We see that ‘issues’ are not as important in the grand scheme of things as we thought they were. ”

I can just picture it: Right when you’re ready to blow, take a moment to check yourself and sleep on it. The morning always brings bright skies and better moods, no? Then when you do bring up your “issue” you’ll be able to avoid the usual expletives. He looks cuter in the morning, all straggly and innocent. Much better than the stuffed bunny that used to accompany you to bed when you were single.

Check out Pransky’s book here. For more zen tips in the city, head to Downtown Dharma.

Is your relationship holding back your business?

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As women entrepreneurs there is a lot that pulls at our hearts in our businesses and in our relationships. We are constantly challenged with making things happen in all parts of our lives.The interesting thing is as we are trying to “make it” in our businesses, we are also dealing with the nagging guilt that comes up every time we feel completely misunderstood in our love relationships.

We start to think there is something wrong with us and that we suck at being the good girlfriend, wife, and/ or mother. This constant feeling that we can’t do anything right when it comes to our relationships comes right up and completely derails our motivation and stride in our businesses.The reason this is true is because the same energy we use to make money is the same energy used to feel connected with our partners, so you can see how that split can be leaving us feeling not so satisfied in either area.

Fortunately, there is a solution. By getting your relationship where you want it, your business will explode! When you feel your relationship is on solid ground, the energy that once was split is now fully focused on making that money, honey.

The first step you can take in making this happen is to join me, Kavita J Patel, founder of Outrageously Happy Relationships, for a no-charge tele-class “Is Your Relationship Holding Your Business Back: 3 Ways To Know For Sure + Get Back On Track”.

This is going to be a worthwhile hour where women entrepreneurs from everywhere will gather to finally ask for what they have always really wanted from their relationships, and in turn watch their businesses grow.

Join us on Monday, October 24th at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PSTClear your calendar, but if you can’t make it simply sign up and we will send you a recording. Click HERE to join us.

You’ll learn:
What a women is really looking for from her relationship and her business
How to diagnose if you have lost yourself in your relationship resulting in lackluster results in your business
How to improve your communication skills building connected love and business relationships
Simple relationship rules to change your relationship with money
What is the first thing you NEED to change to make a shift in your relationship

So, stop the frustration and really understand what it takes to have both an ahh-mazing relationship and business. You don’t have to choose one! Sign up now!

Dating, Living, Eating: Money Savings Tips In NYC

If you’re part of a couple in New York, you know it isn’t easy to live lavishly, especially if you’re not bringing in the big bucks!  It came up a few weeks ago for my boyfriend, Dave, and me when we starting scouting out new apartments.  We searched craigslist for hours on end only to be disappointed by either size, price or location!  GEEZ!  So, I decided to do some research on my own.  My mission:  find a way to live like a millionaire on a budget.  Mission accomplished?  You’ll have to be the judge. But I definitely dug up some great resources for couples in the city!

1) Date Night
I love getting out of the apartment, especially when cabin fever sets in!  So, I started digging for fun ideas.  I found out NY Magazine’s best restaurant list isn’t the only thing to explore. Dave and I are pretty adventurous so we usually want something more than just a dinner. And why not? It’s New York!

If you’re looking to get out on a Friday or Saturday Night — start the evening off with taking in a little culture.  The Whitney, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Guggenheim, just to name a few, all offer free or ‘pay what you wish’ admission between 5 and 8pm .  It’s amazeballs!  If you go to the MoMa, you can grab a cheap and yummy bite at the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien.

Not Artsy?  That’s ok.  For $10 you can cha-cha the night away at Tango Porteno at South Street Seaport AND get a free lesson! If you live in Brooklyn, you can burn some calories bowling at The Gutter ( — just $6 a game.  Then grab a pie for two at Fornino. These are just a few date options I know we enjoy — but if you want to check out other incredible and affordable ideas check out Time Out NY’s: 75 great cheap dates.

2) Mi Casa es Su Casa?
Whether you’re looking to rent or buy — it’s going to become the fight of your life to find the perfect spot. Am I being dramatic? Perfection may be hard to find in NY but I found a site that may help you get pretty darn close. I can’t take the credit for this though. We were going door to door in the West Village, checking out buildings when we experienced the unexpected kindness of a stranger who must have noted what we up to. And he was privy to a hidden gem. We could do it all from home. StreetEasy gives you the tools you need to tour every New York neighborhood and building from your computer THEN it breaks it all down by location, price, rent history and more. It’s all free, but for $10 dollars a month you can become an “Insider,”which  allows more access to the site — and for couples looking to buy, it actually lists comparable properties to the ones of which you are interested.  You can use StreetEasy to scout out spots in NYC, Northern NJ and the Hamptons.We used it to find our fab new place!

3) Get Your Inner Chef On!
I’m not a professional chef but I can say I learned from the best. My mom is straight off the boat Italian and if she opened a restaurant it would put Giada’s creations to shame. Dave also happens to be slick in the kitchen so on weeknights, we swap cooking days. What if you can’t cook you ask? Well, I challenge you to try. Each week during every season, the city has amazing farmers markets where you can purchase fresh, in-season fruits and veggies for half the price of the corner supermarket goodies… and 1/100th the price of Whole Foods! Luckily, the farmer’s market is on my block. I buy our weekly supply of fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread and sometimes, grass-fed beef all for $50.

Photo: Flickr



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