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MomStyle: 5 Ways To Beat The Cold With The Kids In NYC

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So, it’s FREEZING here in NYC again, and that means no braving it on the playground. Having the temps drop means having to figure out indoor spots to entertain the littles. There are always the great standbys like The Museum of Natural History and Children’s Museum of Manhattan, but here are a few of my neighborhood favorites (& ways to save when visiting).

childrens museum of art nyc

CMA- The Children’s Museum of Art offers classes and activities for children of all ages. Kids can paint, color, play in their bouncy ball gym and enjoy creative art exhibits.  Thursday afternoons are “pay as you wish” and a perfect opportunity to visit and check out the offerings.

Karma Kids Yoga: I LOVE my yoga and Karma Kids has the most offerings for the little ones. With two studios centrally located not far from Union Square, they offer kids yoga and dance classes, mommy & me and pre-natal classes, and fun events and themed classes  like Shark Yoga  and Pajama Glow-In-The-Dark Yoga.  They also have a great FREE story time twice a week and discounted community classes.

Integral Yoga: Another great yoga class for kids. Instructor Lakshmi Pidel takes toddlers (and moms) through simple poses using singing, music and props to enliven the experience. Classes are 45 minutes and just under $20. You can also try it out for FREE (first timers only), and the studio is included in my favorite yogi money saving resource, the Yoga Passbook, so you can access two more classes using that.

NY Public Library: The NYPL offers a variety of toddler and baby classes and story times. The Hudson Park branch used to be our go-to (they had a great big play area with lots of toys), but they  are closed for renovations until spring (hmgh) so we’ve been heading over to Jefferson Market for story time which is a fun hour of stories and crafts. Libraries throughout the city are a great FREE resource and programs are offered throughout the year.

YMCA: I wish I had known all the great stuff the Y offers sooner! They have programs for kids– from swim to dance to pre-school prep classes, all at a very competitive price– in fact cheaper than anywhere else around the city. You can sign up for classes alone (most require commitment for a term), or join as a member and take advantage of the gym, pool and other amenities. My local Y is super nice with state of the art work out equipment, group fitness classes and (most importantly) Child Watch services that allow parents to drop off their little ones to be watched while they work out…for free.


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5 Tips For A Happy & Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is such a pivotal time in a woman’s life. What more important time than now that you are pregnant to get on track with your health and wellness.

When I became pregnant in 2002, I quickly realized that my pregnancy was nothing like  those described in the books I was reading. I didn’t experience any of the laundry list of ailments   or drastic changes in my body that professional sources claimed are “the norm” during  pregnancy. Reflecting on my pregnancy and birth experience, I attributed its ease and comfort to my  healthy diet, lifestyle, and optimistic attitude. Sure genetics play a part, but every birth is different, and so  is every person and your lifestyle during pregnancy will certainly have an effect on your birth  experience.

5 Tips For A Happy & Healthy Pregnancy:

Get your OM on- Prenatal yoga is a wonderful way to increase strength and flexibility, align the body, and tune the spirit in preparation for the big day- your baby’s birth. My yoga practice definitely informed my birth experience. I was able to

relax into breathing techniques at the onset of contractions, rather than tense up each time.

Eat Whole Foods- My diet of healthy whole foods provided me with the necessary nutrients and energy I needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy while feeling good and looking great.

Eat Your Greens- for calcium and phytonutrients have a few servings of glorious greens.  Greens help stabilize the blood sugar levels and give you the bulk fiber needed to promote glowing skin and intestinal health. Try mesclun, kale, collards, chard, & arugula.

Massage your growing belly- daily from the beginning of your pregnancy with a quality massage oil or butter- coconut, cocoa butter, shea butter etc. Rub butter to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This works best when fresh out of the tub while the skin is still supple.

Take your Vitamins- Take 400 micrograms of Folic Acid before pregnancy and during the first 3 months to promote healthy development of the brain and spine of the fetus. Continue with a prenatal vitamin for supplementation.

Stay Hydrated. Dehydration can induce abdominal contractions, inducing labor. During pregnancy the body requires more water to conduct metabolic processes. So grab your water bottle and drink away—to the tune of eight tall glasses of water daily.

This is what I wish for you and all mothers; a happy, healthy, fabulous pregnancy. Trust your body’s wisdom, and honor yourself and your baby. Enjoy the ride!


Founder of Tender Shoots Wellness, and mother of a 6 year old, Lathem Thomas hope is to empower women to take charge of their lives by embracing wellbeing, helping them develop an authentic relationship with food, and finding spiritual and physical balance in their lives. She created Tender Shoots in 2005 to provide support to pre/postnatal  women along their journey into motherhood because she understand very the particular needs of women during pregnancy. She has developed a comprehensive service that addresses these various  needs in a holistic manner.For more info about Lathem, head to

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“Q- Tip” from our friends at Equinox:

Working out while pregnant? How much is too much? Check out this post from Equinox’s Q Blog and learn if you need to tailor your workout routine now that baby is on board.

Yoga While Pregnant: PURE YOGA Shares A Must-Do Move To Save Your Abs! (VIDEO)

Although working out can be a tough feat for many pregnant women, we found an easy, yet powerful move that will save your abs! Not only will it strengthen, tone, and help you get your body back post-baby, but it could even help you have an easier labor and delivery. We sat down with Mary Barnes of PURE Yoga to find out the one must do move for the mom-to-be.

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This Weekend: NYC Mother’s Day Shopping Events and Freebies

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With Mother’s Day this weekend, we’re sharing this great list of events and happenings from our friends at Time Out New York.

mothers day

Still searching for a way to entertain mom in the Big Apple this week? Or are you still struggling to find the perfect gift? A homemade card and a musical rendition of “Mama” by the Spice Girls might have worked when you were twelve, but this year, it’s time to step it up. Don’t freak out just yet—we’ve found six events this week that include a few things your mom will love: Shopping discounts, freebies, cocktails and flowers. What more could ma want, right? Whether you’re a mother, daughter, son or just looking for something fun to do, here’s the skinny on how to celebrate Mother’s Day—in style.

May 4–10: JINsoon’s Mother’s Day Promotion

Jin Soon Choi is a nail guru and a Fashion Week mainstay; wither her own kick-ass line of polishes to boot. And this week, treat yourself and your mama to a discounted Breath of Milk and Honey manicure ($18, originally $28), pedicure ($32, usually $50) or both for $50 (usually $78) at one of her top-notch nail spas in NYC. Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome.

JINsoon Natural Hand a Foot Spa, through May 10.

May 5: Freida Rothman’s Cappuccino & Cupcakes Mother’s Day Event

We love this jewelers modern yet medieval-inspired baubles, which you can nab at the designer’s recently opened flagship. We recommend popping by the Nolita boutique where you can meet Rothman, receive styling tips as well as 20 percent off the entire store. Munch of Baked by Melissa cupcakes and sip cappuccinos while you shop, and don’t forget to pick up a single stem rose on your way out.

Freida Rothman, Tue 5 4:30pm–7:30pm.

May 9–10: Mom’s the Word: Mother’s Day Weekend at Story

Concept shop, STORY, partnered with the DRESSBAR at Dressbarn to create a new retail theme called “Her Story,” through May 31. Women ages 4 to 93 joined founder Rachel Shechtman as curators to share their point of view through both merchandise and storytelling. Shop new items chosen by influential women such as Whoopi Goldberg and Olivia Wilde while sipping champagne. And be sure to check out the floral bouquet station, courtesy of Petal by Pedal, where you can customize your own arrangement for mom.

STORY, Sat 9, Sun 10 noon–4pm.

May 10: Hastings Flea Mother’s Day Special

Spend your weekend with mom while checking out local vendors and handmade goods at the Hastings Flea. This Sunday, the market will pay tribute to mama with live entertainment by Gillen & Turk and their “Love Revival Concert.” Moms will receive special goodies, including gift certificates for makeovers at Giordano Beauty and classes at Hastings Yoga as well as exclusive coupons for Mother’s Day brunch or dinner at top local restaurants (i.e. coffee at Juniper, mimosas at Maud’s and sparkling cocktails at The Mill).

Southside Avenue MTA Commuter Lot, Sun 10 10am–4pm.


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NYC Moms: Ready To Get Out & Play?

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Ah, Spring. The weather is warming up, the trees blooming, and everyone is ready to get outside and play. If you’re a mom in the big city, we’ve found some great options for you and the kids! From workouts to playgrounds, NYC offers many great outdoor activities that everyone will enjoy.

If you’re looking to get a good workout in while still spending time with your little one,  Stroller Strides may be the program you’re looking for! Stroller Strides is a franchise company with locations all over the map. Essentially, it consists of a group of moms and their babies (in their strollers, of course), who participate in a 60 minute workout of power walking and body toning exercises, led by a specialized instructor. All you need is yourself, your baby and your stroller – and let’s face it, you have to haul your stroller everywhere you go anyway! Visit to find one of the many classes that take place in all areas of the city!

If you’re eager to give your child as well as yourself a fun, hands-on and educational experience, you may consider heading to the zoo! There are few kids out there who do not find themselves absolutely thrilled and intrigued in seeing and meeting adorable and interesting animals! The Prospect Park Zoo features mammals, reptiles and amphibians from all over the world. There are daily feedings and shows to catch, as well as some specialized seasonal exhibits, along with all the regular zoo favorites. This is definitely an activity that both moms and kids will learn something and enjoy!

Another idea could be venturing down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park! With many different expansions on the horizon for the next year or so, one still can’t argue that the view the park offers is absolutely beautiful! The Cove in Brooklyn Bridge Park is breathtaking and is a great beach walking spot for the warmer months. In the upcoming summer months, free movies will be played every Thursday night at the newly renovated Pier 1! The “Main Street Lot” houses a nautical themed park and playground area for kids and families too. Everyone can enjoy and tire themselves out while using the climbers, running around and playing in the sandbox for the day! To fully discover what the Brooklyn Bridge Park has to offer, see their website:

One hidden spot that you may not have even thought of to take the little ones is the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum. As the farmhouse itself dates back to the late 18th century, the museum works to tell the story of the transformation from farming community to the urban neighborhoods we now live in. With a full calendar of events such as tours and “History Play Dates” geared specifically towards kids, along with a garden full of beauty and history, the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum may be the perfect spring activity for yourself and the kids! For more information and museum hours, visit

6 Tips: Set The Mood For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just over a week away! Let’s have a blast, be thankful, and create a great environment for our family and friends!!

Here are 6 tips to stress-proof your surroundings by setting a calm mood. Oh, and by the way, you can incorporate these tips for “every day living”, not just for Thanksgiving! I know I’m a nerd, but couldn’t help the rhyme…

1. Feng Shui Your Day
First things first, clear the clutter from your home so you and your guests can instantly feel “at peace”! You may want to change your furniture placement to create a more open environment. Circles mean harmony and unity, so make sure you have a circle (wreath) on your door! Light candles, with soft scents of the season, and you’ll be sure to feng shui your day!

2. Create a Custom Soundtrack
Ask your guests to suggest their favorite songs. Create a custom soundtrack and let it play all day, and give your guests a CD soundtrack as a favor! You can even have everyone decorate their own CD-covers or print out CD-jackets with photos you’ve taken from the day.

3. No Pressure Cooker
Rather than creating a rigid schedule of events, set a light, easy mood by hosting an “open house” in addition to your normal dinner time. When inviting guests, give both options and get their response so you are prepared. Dinner may be at 3pm, but open house is from 2-7pm. This takes the pressure off of guests who may have other family to visit, and allows everyone to be alot calmer throughout the day!

4. Bring Nature Into Your Home
Using elements from nature NATURALLY creates a calm environment! Make your centerpiece out of stones, bring plants inside, get your fountain going for a trickling water feature.

5. Memories Make a Fun Day
Instead of talking about politics, the economy, and just plain “energy draining” discussions, pull out old photo albums, videos, soundtracks. Have fun talking about your most embarassing moments, your favorite times, share your wedding album or your first grade pictures! And, get out the video camera to create memories for years to come!

6. Music Makes the World Go Round
So, your nephew is playing guitar? Ask him to bring it and share a song! Dusty old piano sitting in the corner- clean it off and invite guests to play! Pull out that karaoke machine you got years ago. Incorporating music and acknowledging people’s talents is the best way to relax and have fun!

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Beyonce Is Banning Bossy: Should We?

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beyonceSheryl Sanberg’s latest campaign to ban the word bossy in order to promote leadership among young girls has gotten quite a bit of attention as of late. Twitter been flooded with #banbossy comments, and even mainstream media has lit up, giving Sandberg, and her partnership with The Girl Scouts, ample TV time on national networks. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that big names like Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and Condoleezza Rice have lent their faces to the campaign, but it’s also the controversy that these two little words have brought on that has gotten the press (and everyone) going.

As a media expert, I can say kudos to them for playing the controversy game and putting out a clever hook out to grab attention. It’s brought on attention to an issue that clearly needs to be talked about. As a mom though, I can’t believe that they’ve chosen to make the idea of banning a word the centerpiece of a campaign that deals with a serious issue, to which it is not at all a worthwhile solution.

The idea that banning a word (especially one as pedestrian as “bossy”) as the solution to girls not stepping up into leadership roles, is irresponsible (at best) and dangerous (at worst). Are we really going to start banning words to protect our little girl’s feelings? This is the solution that someone as brilliant as Sandberg has come up with? This is how we will prepare our future leaders to go out into a country where the freedom of speech is a founding principle? This is how we’re going to build them into better leaders and prepare them for the unforgiving place that the world can often be? By banning a word to protect their feelings? C’mon.

Yes, I’ve listened to the interviews and I’ve perused the Ban Bossy website. I’ve read the stats about girls being less likely to volunteer because they want to be liked (and not perceived as bossy), and all the other nonsense about how this one word is limiting our girls. However, the problem with our girls being called bossy and shutting down does not come from the calling of the word. When are we going to stop focusing on the surface problems and start focusing on the root causes? It’s not the external component (i.e. the word “bossy”) that we need to be concerned about at all. It’s the internal that needs to be addressed.

You see, we will never get anywhere if we keep worrying about all the miscellaneous stuff happening that we can’t control (like other people’s actions). We’ll never be able to ban enough words, or restrict enough behaviors to ensure all our kids have a clear path to success. The key to making our girls (and boys) better leaders, better citizens, and, most of all, better human beings, comes from focusing on the stuff on the inside. We need to stop reacting and start to refocus on investing our efforts in that which is truly worthwhile– those things that build confidence, integrity and help them develop a real sense of self– so that none of the rocks in life that are thrown their way (whether being called “bossy” or “fat” or “ugly” or the countless other criticisms and rejections they all inevitably will face) can penetrate them, muchness trip them up.

So instead of offering up limitation and restriction as a solution, why not focus on edification and inclusion? How about we give our kids great opportunities, teach them how to be their best and encourage them to become better through adversity? How about we instill in them the tools needed to deal with the hardships of life–packing them up with self esteem and confidence to the level that allows them to excel and leave behind the inevitable nay sayers? How about we bring on more positive opportunities like mentoring programs, yoga in school, and perhaps even think about teaching them emotional intelligence? How about we start addressing the real issues affecting our kids and stop focusing on silly short sighted solutions?

No, Ban Bossy is not the answer. We will never see any significant resolution by only looking at things at face value. Let’s go a little deeper for once. Let’s invest in our girls in a meaningful way, one that truly builds character in them and sets them up for real success in life. The Girl Scouts is a wonderful organization, already doing amazing things. I just wish they didn’t get caught up in the ridiculous notion that Ban Bossy should be the centerpiece of their latest push. It’s a clever media strategy, but not a real solution, and certainly not the message we should be sending to our little girls.

Mom Style: Breaking Your Baby From The Pacifier Habit

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Pacifiers are often a saving grace, soothing and quieting crying babies, but there comes a time that the good times have to end.  We were recently told by the dentist that our two year old should be giving up the habit, but like all addictions it’s not going to be easy. Fortunately, we have been weening her off of pacifiers (only for sleeping now or when mommy wants a quiet car ride), but there is no way this child is giving them up… not without a fight.

That’s why I was thrilled to find out about a pacifier that was designed to help encourage your child to give them up. Can you believe a company actually made that? No repeat customers there! Well, in fact it’s genius because I’ve found out (after lots of mom talk and googling) that I’m not the only mom trying to break up their child’s first serious relationship.

difrax pacifier soother

The Difrax 3-Stage Pacifier was introduced to me a while back, and as soon as I heard about it I thought we must have one. I had bought a MAM orthodontic pacifier in Duane Reade prior to getting the Difrax.  MAM also is supposed to be better for jaw and teeth development and claims to be recommended and developed by dentists, but I loved that the Difrax 18 + months has similar benefits and also is supposed to ween your child off (or encourage them to give up) their pacifier.

I was concerned when I first gave my little one  the new Difrax pacifier. It’s more solid and stiff than most and she had been a bit of a pacif  ier snob, but after not getting her beloved Avent back, she seemed to accept the Difrax and now is very happy with them. So happy in fact, that I have to wonder if they are actually encouraging her to give up the habit. She may be the exception because so far she still seems hooked. At least I am comforted by the fact that the orthodontic model is supposed to be better for her jaw development and help with the orthodontics. Baby steps I guess.

Follow Up: I just discovered that Difrax also has a FREE E-BOOK on their website that is a 15 day stop plan to help little ones give up the pacifier.  Downloading now!


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Karma Kids: Mom & Baby Yoga And Pilates Classes (FREE TRIALS!)

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Karma Kids is now offering Pilates Mom and Baby Class, and this week is letting you try it out for free! They also continue to offer Mom & Baby Yoga classes each week, and are offering a free trial class as well. Details below!

Free Trial Mom & Baby Pilates:

Spend a special hour bonding with your pre-crawler while safely and effectively strengthening your deepest core muscles. You will learn the best way to access your “inner corset” while moving through a series of Pilates exercises designed to enhance well being, lengthen, and tone. Wednesday, June 5th, 11:15am – 12:15pm at our Peace-In studio.

Free Trial Mom & Baby Yoga : 

A beneficial class for all new moms – get back in shape while strengthening the bond between you and your infant. Tuesday, June 11th, 12:30pm – 1:30pm.



At the Karma Kids Yoga studio, children are encouraged to explore and discover the mind and body in a fun-filled way!

Karma Kids Yoga is a fun, creative approach to yoga that can be very helpful for children whose bodies are still developing. The use of animated poses and basic stretching exercises promote strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness. Breathing and visualization techniques teach kids how to focus, relax and develop self-control.

Kids will improve concentration and focus, stimulate their imagination and help to release energy in a fun, safe environment. Using interactive games and animated postures, kids learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy through playing yoga.

The Karma Kids Yoga program also promotes inner-strength, confidence and self-esteem; a feeling of well-being and respect for others; and, love for one’s self, inside and out.

MommyStyle: Mirror, Mirror Two Feet Tall….

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This morning I turned around to see my 16 month old blowing her nose into a tissue (or trying to) about 10 seconds after I had just done the same. Where she found the tissue I have no idea, but, nonetheless, there she was holding it up to her nose, sniffing in and out and gazing up at me with big eyes.

This little act hit me hard. Not the fact that she can blow her own nose (although, mind you, she is brilliant), but how much of little mirror she can be. It suddenly made me realize she is watching my every move, taking them all in and using them as a guide on how she should be acting.

Now, of course, we all know parenthood is a big responsibility, but suddenly the magnitude of my influence hit me. Watching that little being blow her nose, instantly put me in check. It made me realize how careless I can be sometimes– whether getting my “feathers ruffled” over silly things, complaining when really it does no one any good, or just not showing enough gratitude. Fact is, she’s watching me (and learning from me) ALL the time.

Aria my mirror. All two feet tall of her. She makes me want to be more patient and kind, less stressed and more generous. She makes me want to be more mindful and better in every way. And, never has there been a better reason to.

Mirror, mirror, two feet tall….

What are you teaching your little ones?




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