Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Healthy Snacks For Summer (Plus Some Gluten-Free Favorites!)

June 22, 2015 by  
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Warm weather + fun in the sun = summer!   Summer is such a wonderful time of year.  We spend more time outdoors, the days are longer, school is out and we tend to feel more relaxed.  We also indulge in more picnics, snack times and other potential pitfalls to nutritious eating. There’s no denying that […]

FREE ALERT: A Bevy Of Fun In Bryant Park (Broadway, Yoga & More!)

June 17, 2015 by  
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Bryant Park is back at it again this summer with events for the whole family. From music and movies to yoga and tai chi to juggling (yes, juggling!) and readings – just try and stay away from the array of (free!) fun Bryant Park is offering all summer long! For all you yogis out there, […]

City Escape: 5 Secret Beach Spa Getaways

May 28, 2015 by  
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Summer is nearly upon us, and everyone is thinking about getting away. And while you may be planning out a few beach escapes for the weekends ahead, why not visit one near a luxuriating spa? When a quiet tree in Central Park doesn’t quite cut it (or you’re afraid of falling branches), we can’t think of […]

OM(G): FREE & Cheap Outdoor Yoga In & Around NYC

May 25, 2015 by  
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It’s that time of year again, and we are so excited for all the FREE and totally inexpensive options when it comes to getting our OM on outside! Take a look at the amazing lineup of outdoor yoga classes throughout the NYC area. Get out, and get OMing! Classes on the Cobbles: Meatpacking Yoga is […]

Bikini Ready Body: 3 Exercises To Get You Set For Summer (VIDEO)

May 18, 2015 by  
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Spring is here, and that means summer is right around the corner, and THAT means bathing suits! If you’re looking to get your body bikini ready we’ve got the exercises just for you. Fitness expert, Lacey Stone, takes us through three exercises to get in shape in time for summer. Trouble viewing this video? Click […]

Classes On Cobbles: Season Ending– One More Day Of Free Classes!

September 17, 2014 by  
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The season of free outdoor fitness is just about wrapping up, but you still have one day left to experience Classes On Cobbles! This is one of our favorite FREE fitness events, with top notch classes by Exhale, Lululemon and more! Tomorrow is the finale so get out and enjoy. Sign up HERE.    

Long Lasting Makeup: Five Fab Products That Stay Put

August 30, 2014 by  
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Who wants to spend time putting our makeup on in the morning, only to find out by noon it looks like it was never applied in the first place?  Let’s face it, us NY City girls are on the go, and don’t have the time to fuss with our makeup all day long. We’re all […]

Running in the Heat – 3 Tips to Keep you Cool & Safe

August 28, 2014 by  
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So, it’s August and BAM, we are finally hit with those hot and humid days. If you are used to running outdoors, you may say to yourself, now what?  As a veteran marathoner and race director of the Arrow Exterminating Women’s 5K, I know what it’s like to train in these conditions. Summer’s heat can […]

Cool Tropical Goodness: Raw Pineapple Cheesecake Recipe

August 24, 2014 by  
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The weather is heating up, so we naturally start craving foods that are more cooling.  The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy fresh fruit, salads and raw foods.  Tropical fruits are very popular in smoothies, juices, and as the basis for delicious desserts. Here are two of my favorite summer treats. Ready for Papaya? Delicious […]

City Escape: The Berkshires And Cranwell Resort & Spa

August 12, 2014 by  
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The Berkshires has long been a popular destination for Manhattanites. Located in Western Massachusetts and just over 2 hours away by car, the Berkshires is comprised of a series of quaint New England towns and lovely countryside. Scenic beauty abounds with rolling hills, meandering rivers and picturesque natural landscapes, all of which have long drawn and  inspired artists, writers […]

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